Let’s get started with email marketing

Before we go on, understand that there are various email marketing software to begin your email marketing in Nigeria. But for a proper understanding, we will be using one of the best email marketing software.

And that is… GETRESPONSE!

Getresponse is just perfect for a beginner like you because it has been useful and efficient when sending email campaigns to my own audience.

Want to know more about Getresponse and how to sign up? Just click on this link… Getresponse (Click here to register)

Right! Let’s get moving

Create a campaign

Hold on! Let’s take it slow…. What is an email campaign?

An email campaign is a set of messages, subscribers, web forms, and all of these things aren’t going to be related.

How about we give an example for better understanding. Let’s say for example you sell three products, you may want to have three different campaigns for each product that way all the subscribers and all of the messages that relate to that product that you are going to want to send to these particular subscribers are all in one place.


Why use Email Campaign

Then let’s assume you have other product that has different types of people, different subscribers who are interested in it, a different set of messages, a different set of web forms, which would be in your separate campaign.

Email Campaign is just a great organizational tool, a way to keep your different email marketing campaigns separate, and everything that is related to one particular campaign or product in one place.

Below is the process to start your Email Campaign and send your Newsletter.

Seek Permission first

It may seem like the majority of email users get annoyed by the plethora of emails they receive each day – meanwhile, 95% of them agree to find emails from brands to be useful. Though, we do not suggest sending out emails to every email address you can get your hands on. In truth, sending emails without permission might risk customers unsubscribing or considering the email as spam.

Thus, it is always recommended that you leave a subscription form that encourages users to sign up for your email newsletter.

Have a defined purpose

Most times, interested individuals sign up for an email list because they want to stay informed about your product/service. The potential customers want to be the first to find out about discounts, giveaways, and the latest addition to your product line-up and they can easily stay in the loop through the emails you send out to them.

While, some consumers sign up for your email list for informative tutorials, hacks, and guides. Therefore, whatever your specific reason for sending out the newsletter be, be sure to mention it in the subscription line.

Always Segment list

It’s always a good idea to segment your list so you can send personalized content to your subscribers. For example, you could send welcome emails to new subscribers that are useful while sending out follow up emails to inactive users can also increase engagement.

Create contents that are intriguing

Sometimes, your user or potential customer might not be interested in hearing about your business all the time. For this purpose, make sure you resist the urge to self-promote your business and create content that is useful and helpful for the user.

You always learn to balance the content so readers can receive relevant and timely information that keeps them engaged with your brand.

Creating an enticing subject line

Dare to make your subject line interesting and compelling. However you decide to for a short and to-the-point line or a long, query – the subject of your email should be compelling enough to encourage the users to open your email. Note that, all your email marketing efforts will go down the drain if you the recipients discard your email without reading.

Have a good concluding paragraph

Conclusion matters just like the opening of your email. Always, ensure that each of your emails ends with a call-to-action, which can be anything from liking your social media page to purchasing your product/service and joining you at the store launch.

In addition, you could add an email signature at the end of each newsletter.

Did I do it well?

Just before hitting the send button, make sure to test your email strategy. Always test your email on a small group from your list before engaging with the rest.

Final Word

Always remember that getting your emails opened isn’t the goal, getting your readers to take action is.

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