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Email hunter is a WebCrawler that help you collect email addresses relating to your search. This has made it more easy for email marketers to obtain the email addresses of their potential customers from websites by searching a specific keyword relating to their business.

Email hunter has got you covered with unique features, it will harvest and obtain a thousand list of email addresses with usernames from webpages within few minutes if not seconds of search, all you need do is enter a website address to search a keyword relating to your business.

And to even make it more fascinating, it has the filter rules that you can filter your search to find a specific email address without having to extract a whole list of email addresses. The filter also helps to speed up your search and the quality of the emails extracted.

Features of Email Hunter

Domain search:

 this allows you to get the email addresses of any professional in any website. Through domain search, you get the list of email addresses of all the people working in a company and their user names so long as they are present on the web. Such as you search

And more interesting is that, you do not only get the email address of people through domain search, but you could also get additional information such as full name, phone number, job title etc.

Email finder:

You can find the email address of any professional you want to contact in a matter of seconds. The email finder goes through a lot of signals to obtain registered email addresses or the most probable email addresses either presenting it one by one or in bulk.

With this option, you can find specific email addresses too without having to use the filter by entering the full name of a person and the name of his company, that will return your result in a matter of seconds.

Email filter:

This allows you to find specific people’s email addresses by searching their full names, or you may search by departments of a company, depending on the job titles in that department, your search will reveal a list of emails of people in that department

Email verifier:

You have got an option to check the accuracy of the email addresses extracted and delivered to you so you can send messages with confidence that you are sending to the right person.

Mail tracker:

You get to track and verify the messages you sent whether they are being delivered and to get a notification the moment they are opened at the other end.

Browser extension:

There is the email hunter extension for chrome and firefox. It tracks and harvests any email address on the website you are browsing at the particular moment. To obtain the email addresses, just click on the email hunter extension icon and you will have all the public email addresses present in front of you.

How to access email hunter services

To simply access the email hunter service you need to create an account with it first. And if you only want to use it for simple tasks, you can make 100 requests per month for free. And if you want to use it a long-term, subscribe for the yearly plan because you will be granted a 20% discount off the total amount.

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Important notes about email hunter:

Email hunter uses its bots to crawl through the entire web to find email addresses made public on the websites. That is, it only harvests those email addresses that are made public and cannot crawl through any firewall or obtain those with security.

And more interestingly, the email hunter crawler continues to update the email; it adds any new email that is made publicly available automatically and it also removes any email that is no longer active.

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