Email from Gmail

When we refer to gmail as email, it does not seem so far-fetched. Gmail also known google mail is a form of electronic mail and is a very efficient form of sending and receiving mails.

Emergence of Email from Gmail

Gmail was introduced firstly in 2004 as a limited version on 1st of April, 2004. Then it went through a testing phase which ends on 7th of July, 2009. The first version in 2004 was the limited beta release.

Before gmail arrived, emails were still being sent. For instance, there was yahoo mail, hot mail etc. Complaints were made concerning the delay in receipt of yahoo mails. This is probably because of its long years of operation, as yahoo mail was introduced in 1997 by the American Parent company. The storage capacity of yahoo mail isn’t as much as gmail, thereby leading to slower messages when sending an email using yahoo. Then came gmail, as it was announced in 2004, with its service of 1GB free storage.

Gmail was originally called Caribou taking the name of another project. Google initially focused on its search engine in its early years.


As stated earlier, gmail can be seen as email and vice versa but they are quite different. Here are some differences in other not to mistake one for the other.

The major difference between them is that email is a way of sending and receiving messages through a communication network like the internet whereas gmail is just a service provider of email controlled by google.

Email helps to exchange digital messages over the the internet while Gmail is platform to send emails, it is an email client or service provider

Email transmits digital messages through a communication network while Gmail provides additional features such as virus protection, email reminder, spam filtering, to mention a few. Email doesnt provide any for of virus protection or email reminder.

Email is a way of exchanging messages called mails through the interenet where the messages are usually encoded in ASCII text where as mails sent through google using its platform for sending mails is known as Gmail.

Uses of Gmail

Gmail is not just a regular email service provider. It makes itself useful in providing some important features which we will be discussing now

  1. You can send your mails to cloud. Google provides gmail with some amazing services including Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or Box accounts. which one can automatically have their messages saved.

2. You can make a private photo album. Yes, Google makes it fairly easy for users to have multiple Gmail accounts, so you can set up a dedicated Gmail space for a private photo collection that only a few people have access to. The obvious use is a closed off album of baby pictures for interested friends and family.

Anyone can then email over photos to the shared account, with custom labels and subject headers available to organize everything. Some of Gmail’s potential for photo storage has been negated by the arrival of Google Photos, but it’s still a nice alternative.