edX massive open online courses

What is edX

edX is an online educational platform that offers massive courses catalogue of more than 2000 which are created by prestigious institutions, universities, colleges and organizations as partners. It is otherwise known as massive open online courses.

edX consist of video produced instructions or lectures. They provide materials such as pdf text, video, and some other resources you can download for your study later. Also, it provides forums for readings and students discussion, for assignments and quizzes and exams. Generally, edX offers some courses free for a limited time. However, a bulk of it courses need to be paid for through some payable means. And if you want to gain unlimited access to any of the free courses, you will need to pay for them too.

Partners to edX

Courses on edX are standards and can be trusted as they are offered to edX by prestigious institutions, universities, colleges, and organizations.

Such partners are Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Berkeley University of Columbia, The University of Texas System, Australian National University.

Boston University, Georgetown University, The University of Queensland, The University of British Columbia, University System of Maryland. Seoul National University, Stanford University, The Georgia Institute of Technology, National University of Singapore, University of Oxford.

The University of Chicago, University of Washington, world Band Group, International Monetary Fund. Rochester Institute of Technology, Open Education  Consortium, Amnesty International, IBM, Microsoft.

Courses offered at edX

Some of the courses offered by Harvard University on edX

Contract law, neuroscience, and data science, introduction to data-wise, CS50 Introduction to computer science from Harvard University, Also, how to think algorithmically to solve programming problems efficiently, what is computer science and programming.

Courses by Berkeley University of California

Marketing analytics, journalism English literature, quantum mechanics, and statistics.

Also, there are courses offered by Microsoft on edX such as introduction to computer science by Microsoft, which covers such fundamentals as strings, variables, inputs testing and formatting and coding.

From the University of Boston, they offer the course, digital product management on edX

Other courses you can find on edX are

TOEFL test preparation

Digital leadership micro master

Supply chain management micro master by Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT)

From the University of British Columbia, business fundamental

Introduction to data analysis using excel from Microsoft

IELTS academic test preparation from the University of Queensland

Data Science: R Basics from Harvard

Introduction to python: absolute beginner from Microsoft.

These and many more are offered on edX.


Micro-credentials on edX

Micro-credential is like gaining a mini degree, that is, a digital certification for completing an online course. edX offers quite a number of micro-credentials under the following types, Xseries, MicroMasters, Professional Certificate, and Professional Education.


This was the first micro-credential launched by edX. This credential contains a series of courses that gives you a deep understanding of a particular subject.


This contains a series of masters-level courses that if you are accepted into the on-campus course programs you will be granted a credit of a master degree.

Professional Certificate

The professional certificate credentials are similar to the micro masters and xseries credentials. This one is described by edX as developing the proficiency and expertise employers are looking for with specialized training and professional education

Professional education

These types of credentials are awarded to professionals. They are courses designed for professionals who are already working in the subject field.


edX massive open online course (MOOC) is one of a kind among all other online educational platforms. Be it Udemy, Skillshare, Adobe Captive Prime, Docebo, etc. Courses on edX are presented in different languages such as English, Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, French, Indonesian, Korean, Polish, Hebrew, portages, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Ukrainian etc.

To visit the official site click: www.edx.org