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We all search the internet every day of our lives looking for answers to one thing or the other. That is a good one because we are searching for information so as to stay informed and up to dates with happenings around us. What do we always go through to find this info? the various search engines. As in chrome, firefox, bing, yahoo search and the rest. And basically, if we don’t know, the search result we always receive from our searches on these engines are based on our search term and the estimation of what those engines think we want to see after profiling us base on our various online activities.

However, there is this search engine now that emphasizes more on your privacy and thus doesn’t profile you but only return your results base on what they have on their database and what it sourced from over 400 other sources. And that is DuckDuckGo

What is DuckDuckGo?

Duckduckgo is a search engine that offers to protect searchers’ privacy while they search the internet. As such, it doesn’t profile searchers and thus avoids the filter bubble of personalized search result. In this sense, it provides or show all searchers the same search results for a particular search term.

How does it work?

DuckDuckgo present it searches results from its own web crawler the duckduckgo and from a compilation of over 400 other sources. like yahoo search, Yandex, bing and crowdsourcing sites like Wikipedia etc.

like I said earlier, its main purpose is to present users with search results while protecting their privacy. As such, it doesn’t store users’ IP addresses or their login information, and only uses cookies when required. As such, by default, duckduckgo does not collect or share personal information of users and it filters those pages with substantial advertising.

Basically, that is duckduckgo’s privacy policy, though it keeps search log but not in a personally identifiable way.

Certain features contained in the search engine.

Instant answers to searches

On the top of every search page via duckduckgo search engine, there are relevant results displayed which are called ‘instant answers’. They are source from either a third-party APIs or static data sources. The intention of providing instant answers is so as to provide the user with the results he is searching for instead of going through any results to find that which they are looking for.

Voice search feature

 There has been an extension of duckduckgo search engine for google chrome, as such in 2011, it also introduced a voice search for google chrome voice search extension.

Tor access and DuckDuckGo

Using tor network service, duckduckgo can make your searches anonymous. Your search can be an end to end anonymous or encrypted especially if you are using duckduckgo encrypted home page.

Bang keywords

Duckduckgo includes such bang keywords that gives the ability to search specific third-party websites using the sites own applicable search engine.

The business model

The search engine earns it revenue by serving ads from alliance network and through its affiliations with Amazon and eBay

Category pages

Duckduckgo platform has a feature that is, offering lineup categories with brief descriptions and images in such a clean and enticing way.

Search vertical options

This includes, the web search results, images, news, videos, maps results etc

Clean interface

The search engine (duckduckgo) has a clean interface and simple user experience that makes it easy to use and thus giving users a somewhat unique search experience.

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Final notes

As we already know the main and unique feature of duckduckgo search engine that set it aside from any other search engine is it claims of not tracking any information of its users or their searches as such being the most private search engine in the market. This as well is making it grow in popularity, and the more users, the more profit, the more resources and thus, everything equals a better search engine.

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