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Dramaload.se was formerly known as dramaload.ch. It is a website which allows you to watch and download Korean drama series. If you are a big fan of Korean drama series and you would love to watch them in high quality, then do not hesitate to visit dramaload.se.

The website offers you Korean drama series free to stream. Although, it is important to note that before you can download, you have to sign up on the site for a premium account. It is well worth it because the Korean drama series formats are of high quality. It also provides English subtitles for its series.

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Dramaload.se possess amazing features which makes it quite populsr among those who love to watch Korean drama series.


We’ll start with the user interface, dramaload.se provides a simple interface which can easily be understood by anybody. The user interface is quite organized and the Korean drama series can easily be sorted out by users. Movies are divided into formats. There are ads on the site but with a premium account, you are freed of those annoying disturbance. On the homepage of dramaload, you can find the featured movies. Also, there is a search bar is provided at the top of the page for you to search out your favorite Korean drama series on the site.


Dramaload.se is free to use, you do not have to sign up or register in order to watch your favorite Korean drama series on the site. The best part is that it allows you to watch your favorite Korean drama series in a high-quality format.

The premium account is only required for those who would like to download off the site. It offers you a lot of benefit when you are a premium member on the site but it still remain free to use for those who would just love to watch korean drama series without downloading.


Like I mentioned earlier, you can search through the site by simply using the search bar located at the top of the homepage, dramaload.se offers well placed categories that are quite simple. The recent link provides you with the latest Korean drama series added to the website. The drama list on the other hand offers its users a list of all the korean drama on the website, it also provides users with the number of episodes each Korean drama series has.

Also, on the homepage, dramaload.se also shows featured Korean drama series. You can, therefore, choose to watch what people watch more or Korean drama series that are trending because they just might interest you too.


The quality of the Korean drama series for both the premium and free are good. Although, the premium account offers better drama quality than the free online drama, both qualities are still good.

Drama series episodes which are downloaded are mostly in AVI format, although some are in mp4 format. Some Korean drama series which are available for download are in HD and the sizes are really large and the bitrates can be up to 1750 kbps.


In order to watch Korean drama series for free on the site, follow the steps provided below:

  • First, visit dramaload.se on your browser
  • Browse through the categories and choose the Korean drama series you would prefer to watch.
  • Choose ‘watch online for free’ from the options provided.
  • Select the episode you would like to watch.
  • A box-like looking TV will appear in the middle of the screen. Tap on play & it will start playing.


To download from download.se, open the drama series you would like to download and choose the episode to download. You can only download episode by episode and not the full drama at one. Remember you have to sign up for a premium account before you can download on the site.


Undoubtedly, dramaload.se is one of the best site for watching and download Korean series because the quality is good and it offers english subtitles. The premium which requires you to pay some account offers better features and is totally worth it.

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