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Korean drama has become quite popular and is a favorite of many people around the world, including Nigeria.  Females all around the country want nothing more than to get lost in a romantic Korean drama which is what makes Korean dramas so popular.

They are popular for their high acting performance and engaging love stories. Their fantasy love stories are compelling and that is why most single ladies in Nigeria have one or two Korean seasonal movies in their collection.

The challenge, however, becomes finding the right site to download and watch Korean dramas. Being able to watch your preferred movies online is relaxing and even helps clear your mind of some issues. If watching Korean drama is your thing too, then don’t hesitate to visit dramagalaxy for a dive into Korean dramas.

Another similar site for downloading korean dramas is calleddramaload.


DramaGalaxy is one of the best sites for watching Korean dramas, TV series and shows. It also allows you to download Korean dramas and movies for the site.

The site also allows you to watch the latest Korean dramas, movies and shows in HD and with subtitles with the use of its default player. DramaGalaxy is best for Korean drama lovers because it continually upgrades its movies, dramas and TV shows in HD quality.

It also keeps its users updated about the latest news and updates concerning the actors and the Korean movie industry at large.  DramaGalaxy also offers other Asian dramas, for example, Taiwan dramas, Chinese dramas, Hong Kong dramas and even more.


It is pertinent to know whether a site is breaching copyrights laws and doing illegal works and that includes DramaGalaxy. DramaGalaxy from all indications is a very legitimate site that published only legal documents avoiding illegal documents like malicious codes. They own every picture and text they provide on their website.

Every single material is hosted on a server located in a country not controlled by copyright laws. Thereby making the website very legal and having all the power to deliver their products on their website.

The website is safe and very secure to use from anywhere. DramaGalaxy is completely free of ads so you can stream and download movies without any fear or hassle about its legitimacy and safety.


The steps you need to follow in order to download Korean dramas and series off DramaGalaxy are pretty simple and straightforward.

  • To begin, first visit their website: www.dramagalaxy.tv
  • There, you will be presented with four categories which their videos have been divided into. They include drama, movies series and others. Make your choice based on your preference.
  • Under your preferred category, choose any movie you would like.
  • The next screen will present the storyline of your preferred movie to you. Beneath the storyline is ‘link’, tap on that.
  • It will then redirect you to a page for you to watch and download your movie, click on the ‘play button’.
  • Once you click on the button, the movie will begin to play for your viewing.
  • If you would like to download, you won’t able to see the download icon (an arrow pointing downwards ⬇️) located at the right corner of the video player in the page.
  • Click on the download icon and you will be shown the video upload screen.
  • Click on the download button and your download will immediately start.

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Finding the best site for your Korean dramas have never been easier. DramaGalaxy presents you with your favorite Korean dramas and series and a host of latest movies to dive right in. This article makes it even easier to glide through DramaGalaxy without a hitch,  so enjoy your journey as you get lost in a world of Korean dramas.

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