Dlive Streaming Platform: how to Stream on Dlive from your Mobile Device

As you already know from the above title, Dlive is a streaming platform most especially for online gamers; it is built on or uses blockchain-based technology that is powered by Lino Blockchain. You can upload anything from ordinary videos to videogames and others. And through its refrereum token system, videogame players, and other streamers will be rewarded for streaming live games and watching streams on Dlive platform.

Dlive method of rewarding users whether they are content creators or just viewers is that 75% of their earnings will be directly paid into their coin wallets and the remaining 25% goes to a token pool.

Viewers’ behaviours such as watching, chatting, sharing content etc are valued and counted as their contributions and as well gets rewarded for them.

Dlive gives users total control over their accounts and does not restrict their scope of contents.

At the end of this article, you are going to be acquainted with how to stream on Dlive platform from your mobile device.

How to stream on Dlive from your mobile device

Make sure to have a good internet connection

Download and install the streaming application to your device, that is, “StreamLabs”

Open the app and select “other Platforms”

Then enter the “stream URL” and “stream Key” on your Dlive dashboard into the streaming application and click regenerate Server URL to start streaming from your device.

How to get your encoding server information

The “stream URL” and “stream Key” cannot be gotten from the mobile App.

To get it follow the following steps

On your web browser search “Dlive.tv” then go to the settings and click “desktop site”

Click on the camcorder icon by the top right-hand corner to go to “Dlive dashboard”

Then fill in the required information as in title, language, category and reply thumbnail

“click save” and then”encoding server information”

Click on “regenerate server URL.” copy and paste the “stream URL and stream Key” into your streaming application to start streaming from your mobile device.

How to stream live on Dlive via a computer device; what you need for a successful streaming

First, you need a workable computer that support your streaming activity, a strong and fast internet connection and download an Open Broadcaster Software OBS

After downloading the OBS, update the encoder in the settings following these steps:

Click File, and then go to settings. On settings, click on output and switch the output mode to advance instead of simple.

Adjust the following as follows:

Rate control: CBR

Key frame interval: 2

Profile: main

Once you are done setting up your encoder click ok, and go to the next step to set up your stream.

Sign-in with Dlive to get your stream URL and stream key to start streaming. On the Dlive dashboard click on the camcorder icon by the top right-hand corner. You will see the Dlive details as in title, language, category and reply thumbnail, which you will be required to fill and then be ready to, stream.

How to connect Dlive to other platforms for streaming

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Very important, you first have to create an account with Dlive for you to stream. Here I will take you through how to connect Dlive to restream.

Click “Add Channel” on the restream dashboard

Choose “Dlive” from the channels listed

Then open your Dlive dashboard on a new tab and click on the camcorder icon

Then set up a title, thumbnail, language, and category and save.

After you save you should see, “stream URL and “stream Key” click on “copy” beside the “stream URL”

Then go back to the restream tab and paste it into the “RTMP URL”

Back again to the Dlive dashboard and click on copy beside the “stream key”

Paste it into the key on the Restream tab and the click on “Add Channel”

When completed you are now ready to stream on Dlive with restream.

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