COSCO Login gives the access to your COSCO account.

COSCO is literally known as China Ocean Shipping Company yet formally referred to as Chinese state-owned tasting.

There is thousands of Delivery Company worldwide; standing out among the groups of the top best-transporting company is COSCO.

The company is located in Ocean Plaza in Xicheng District in Beijing and it has over 1000 boats which include 356 dry mass vessels and other transport containers.

COSCO Login is known as authentication that allows you to access your account with the help of a password and an email address.

On the contrary, the COSCO Login is actually a authentic feature, if you don’t have the log in details, you will be unable to access your delivery account.

The main importance of the COSCO Login allows you to enter into the platform and perform various activities.

Here are some examples below

  1. To Track all your shipments starting with one country and to the other.

2. You can also Access the rate request form and get connected with a quote, and more.
3. You can View different countries in which the seaport is currently available.
4. You can Check out all the sailing schedules.

5. And View various ports available for delivery to your desired destination.
6. Once you sign in to the platform, you can create a new package shipment and moreover learn more about the company. The next outline indicates how you can access your own COSCO Shipping account.

How would i Log in to my COSCO Shipping Account?

There are two types of services offered by COSCO. The CIIE Service is one of the services, and to sign in to the type of account. The login detail must be the one registered to CIIE Services. However, there are two ways to sign in to CIIE Services and below are the steps:
1. Go to a web browser.2.Then click CIIE Service at the top of the page.
3. From the redirected page, under Log in by Exhibitor Number provided
4. Input your Account password
5. Here you can Enter the verification code and then click login

Sign in with a Registered Account:

  1. On the same page click the option “Log in by a Registered Account”.
  2. Write your preferred username
  3. Enter your Password
  4. Input the Verification code displayed on the screen and click Login.

Finally, the following steps will successfully direct you into your account if the login details are not mixed. For instance, the sign-in detail for the Exhibitor number used to authenticate access on the “Sign in by Registered Account”.

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