What is CM security?

CM security is an app that helps protect your phone from theft. It helps locate your phone when lost and retrieve it back. With the CM security app on your phone, you have no worries of losing your phone. The CM security app locates your missing phone by tracking the location of your missing phone on its map and rings it for you. And you can track your phone through the CM security find phone websites remotely.

What you need to do

For you to be able to track your phone when lost you need to have installed CM security app on your phone. Not just that, you must have gone through the processes of signing up with an active email address and enable it as your device’s administrator.

You can find your phone through the CM security websites at

How to enable the CM security to find your phone

  • Download CM security app from Google play store on your phone: very important, that is the very first step to take.
  • After installation on your phone, launch the app and tap on the ellipsis on the top right-hand corner of the app. This enables the CM security to find my phone features
  • Then tap on “find phone” and then tap on “enable find phone”
  • Sign up with an active email account to activate the CM security locate my phone features
  • Once successfully signed in, go to your phone settings>tap on security>then tap on device administrator and enable CM security as a device administrator.
  • The CM security app needs to be enabled as an administrator so it can carry out administrative functions
  • And also make sure to turn your location on, so it allows the CM security to locate the app when your phone gets missing.
  • There you are, you can relax and have no worries about losing your phone. When your phone get lost all you need do is go to

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Other features in the CM security app


You can launch the CM security app to scan all the apps on your phone to detect any vulnerabilities, viruses or spyware on your device and the likes.

You can also scan your SD card. Launch the app and tap on the ellipsis at the top right-hand corner and then tap on the scan SD card. The CM Security will run a scan on your SD card to identify any threat and alert you about it

Run a scheduled routine scanning

Tap the ellipsis at the top right-hand corner and tap on schedule scanning to automatically scan your device on routine. You can choose to run the routine once a day or once a week or in a month.

Clean up junk files on your phone.

You can see apps taking up your device’s storage space when you tap on the ellipsis on the top right-hand corner on the CM security app. Tap on clean up junk,  you can simply tap on the apps you want to cache and tap solve to clean.

Boost your device’s memory

You can check the apps that are taking up space on your device so as to boost your phone memory and boost your phone performance by closing apps that are running in the background and occupying your random access memory (RAM).

Internet security

A new feature on the CM security master is that it protects your data. It helps clean your history and destroy cookies and it has a feature that blocks web pages that are having malicious codes or phishing.

Manage your battery

You can hibernate apps that drain your phone’s battery excessively.


You can see that the CM security app does not only alleviate you in the times you lost your phone but even when you have your device at hand. With so many features and more to be updated your device stands to be protected when you have the CM security app on your device.

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