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Do you have a website? Are you a blog writer?? Have you been hacked several times or your pages don’t load as fast as you want???… Cloudflare is what you need. Well, if you are not using Cloudflare or have never heard of it, then this article is definitely for you. You are probably wondering what Cloudflare is, how does it work, how do I register, well…. just keep reading.

Cloudflare is a network that not only tracks malicious behaviour of cybercrime but stops it altogether. It secures websites against threats, lowers latency in its system by adding advanced caching processes and removing bad traffic from customers websites. Cloudflare gives better internet and it’s aimed at security, reducing page loading times and enhancing user experience.

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Using cloudflare, websites works faster because cloudflare cache a version of a customer’s website and any static resources, then deliver it to visitors based on their location. The good thing about cloudflare is that it can detect the location of any visitor and direct them to its nearest data centre and this certainly serves your content form its own cache, thus improving responses time. This network can block threats based on reputation, blacklists and more because cloudflare knows all about your web traffic and can filter it in various ways. Now that we know what cloudflare is, let’s see how it works


Cloudflare acts as a middleman between a client and a server. It stores web content for delivery on the closest edge server, which is why it is able to optimize loading times. It is able to achieve this because cloudflare uses a reverse proxy to mirror and cache websites and also helps to modify content, such as rich text, images, for better performance.

This middleman design is how Cloudflare offers a level of filtration for security, by coming in between the client and the hosting server can intercept malicious traffic, detects distributed denial-of-service attacks, deflects attacks from bots and of course limit spam. Basically, that is how Cloudflare works. Awesome, right? Now that you are seemingly interested, I am going to show you how to setup cloudflare…. keep going…


Cloudflare setup is pretty easy, just few steps and you are done. Basically it is just like any other web service, enter your email, set your password and that’s just it. So, I am going to state clearly how to setup cloudflare with the stated steps below;

  • First, visit and click the sign up link on the page
  • On the sign up page, type in your email address and password and then click create account now
  • To proceed, enter the domain for your website and click add site. If you like, you can add “www” to the domain or not… your choice
  • Cloudflare will scan your domain’s DNS records. This will take just few seconds to complete and once the scan is complete, just click next
  • Choose a plan that you feel fits your needs and then click confirm plan
  • Once you confirm your plan, a whole list of all the DNS records is displayed, including your sub-domains. You can now decide which sub-domains you want to enable Cloudflare or bypass Cloudflare. You can add any other additional records if you so want. Once you have reviewed your DNS records, click continue
  • You are given the Cloudflare name servers for your domain. The name servers are listed on this page, click continue.
  • Finally, update the name-servers for your domain with the Cloudflare name-servers provided in the previous step.
  • Then, you can now proceed to the Crypo tab of your new Cloudflare account to verify that Cloudflare’s Universal SSl records have been provisioned for your domain (don’t worry, they will appear on the page).

More settings are available covering DNS, and a host of apps to enhance your website: embedded YouTube videos, live chat, PayPal buttons, social media buttons and more. Just think carefully before you change anything to ensure that you enjoy Cloudflare services to the fullest.

Final Thoughts

Cloudflare is very easy to use and has lots and lots of features, awesome security, and very effective website optimizations. As earlier stated, Cloudflare helps improve the performance and accessibility of your website. It is very unique and highly effective. I hope I have helped you understand what cloud flare is and cloudflare setup. Have a read and share your experience in the comment box below.

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