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Are you in the mood for propping up on your couch with a bucket of popcorn in your hand and a movie before your eyes? Well, look no further because the classic cinema is right here for you. With Classic Cinema Online, you can have the cinema experience right in the comfort of your own home.

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Classic Cinema Online offers you a wide range of movies, whether you’re in the mood for old-school films or animations or action-packed adventure to get you busy.

Classic Cinema Online offers you hundreds of film in various categories ranging from action to romance, westerns, animations, drama, sci-fi, newsreel and so much more. It also features a selection of movies based on the holiday, event or time of the year. For example, when Valentine draws near and there’s love in the air.

Classic Cinema Online features a selection of romantic movies to get you in the mood. If it’s Halloween, then you can be sure to see scary and supernatural movies in honour of the horror associated with Halloween.

Classic Cinema Online is absolutely free, easy and absolutely amazing. This is because Classic Cinema Online offers you old cinema movies. This can be really hard to find on DVD even if you have a well-stocked rental store close to you to browse through.

Being the Classic Cinema that it is, only classic movies in different categories can be found on the movie site. You can browse through hundreds of timeless black and white movies by the categories. These classic movies are historical and quite of huge significance. So if you’re looking to curl in on a lazy day and just bask in the fun of classic movies, then waste no time in visiting Classic Cinema Online to get started.

Here’s another great thing about Classic Cinema Online, it allows you to download some of the movies for free and purchase some of them on DVD.


Simply visit the website to get started, the movies are divided into four categories to begin with, they include; movie, serials, billboards and silent films. This makes it easy to decide which category you would like to explore. If you choose to explore movies, once you click on the link, it allows you to pick the genre of your choosing. Making it easy if you would rather just watch comedies or romance or westerns or even sci-fi and so much more. Some categories even have subcategories for example, if you choose to watch drama, it allows you to pick either crime or action.

If you would rather watch TV shows, each TV serial you select will inform you how many episodes are available for the show. You can also watch newsreel under the ‘Billboard’ category.


Unlike many streaming websites which doesn’t let you download the movies available, Classic Cinema Online gives you the option to download movies freely or purchase the DVD for a small fee. If you want to have a copy to yourself without having to stream before watching.

Also, unlike many streaming platform that makes their money from advertisements, Classic Cinema Online is advertisement free. This is great because you can now watch your movies without being interrupted with commercials every ten to fifteen minutes as is popular with other streaming websites.

Another Pro of Classic Cinema Online is its video buffering. It doesn’t take forever to load or pause in between for the video to buffer which assures you of a smooth viewing. So if you use Classic Cinema Online and you experience long waiting period in between, you either have a bad network connection or a slow computer. Lastly,

You can access the website from your phone, tablet or computer instead of solely from the computer because there’s a mobile version of the desktop site.


Since all the movies found in Classic Cinema Online are old movies released lots of years ago, the video quality is of that era and so, can be rather low.

Also, black and white movies were quite popular back then and so, the quality might appear quite dark because of the low quality. Also, Classic Cinema Online movie collection is simply classic movies. So if you want movies made in the last ten years, Classic Cinema Online is not the way to go.


If you are into black and white classic movies then you’ve found a home in Classic Cinema Online and even though the video quality is low, it is not unwatchable. The movies load nicely and it is advertisement free which is a very good thing.

So if you want to settle in for a nice old classic movie, then you’ve found the perfect site. If you have any further information or questions about Classic Cinema Online, then share with us in the comment session below.

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