Chrome Dark mode for a good experience

Chrome dark mode

Chrome has become a popular web browser a significant number of people are using now. For its significant features and affording good experience to users, it has drawn in so many users or web surfers to use its service.

As a part of it, most recent updates is that it now offers an option in its setting to turn the screen into dark mode

You may not really want it and start to ask…so what?

 How does dark mode help your experience?

There are quite a number of reasons you will need the chrome dark mode in the setting to be turned on.

One of it is that it gives you a different experience from that bright white look to a cool black interface.

It saves your devices battery life or rather; it consumes less power when you use the dark mode. It is a confirmed fact that applications with dark interface use less power than those with the bright or white interface.

Using the dark interface also reduces the risk of losing sleep or having complications in your eyes from too much exposure to blue lights screen.

Therefore, here you are going to be worked through how to change the chrome web browser’s interface to dark mode i.e. to black or grey shades from its standard white shade. Switching to the dark mode is done differently from the settings of Windows, Mac OS, Apple iOS and Android.

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Enable dark mode for chrome on an android device

To enable dark mode for your android device may take you some extra steps. Before the dark mode option can show on the chrome’s setting, you will need to be using the latest version of chrome android app. You can simply visit the Google play store to download the most recently updated version.

  1. Then, open up your browser and type in ‘chrome://flags’ on the search bar. You will be taken to chrome’s flag setting, there type the word ‘dark’ on the flag search box
  2. This should bring out options, choose ‘android chrome UI dark mode’
  3. And then tap the flag’s drop-down box to change the default to enabled
  4. Then restart Chrome to see the changes.
  5. Reopen the app and tap on the three dots by the right-hand corner. Go to settings then dark mode. Tap on the slider, that should turn it automatically to dark theme

Dark mode for chrome on widows

People using window 10 can change their chrome to dark mode in simple steps

  1. Open the window’s settings, on the menu select personalization and then select colours
  2. In the option of choose ‘default app mode, select dark. That is it.

Dark mode for Mac OS

To enable dark mode on Mac OS, go to system preferences. Select general on the top of the menu you will find a toggle for appearance and it has two options, light and dark options. Choose dark and you are done. Dark mode activated.

Allow chrome dark mode on iOS

If you are an apple user of version 13, open your control centre. Tab and Hold down the brightness icon. Then a control interface with toggle switch will appear at the bottom left. Tap on it to change the default to dark mode.

Some other options for chrome dark mode

Some chrome extensions importing third-party function into chrome have this option in the settings. Such as dark themes for chrome also a dark reader on chrome are useful chrome extensions to import dark mode too.


Websites, which have their own dark mode, will automatically turn dark mode if you are using dark mode in chrome. However, there may be some that do not have the dark mode and you want it on it. You can force the dark mode on it by visiting chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark and then flip the switch to enable dark mode.

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