Chrome 64 Beta – Mute Autoplay Videos with the New Update

Autoplay features are things we come across frequently these days. Mostly used by publishers to keep visitors glued to the site, the autoplay videos can be very annoying sometimes. The annoying part could be from a sudden burst of music while browsing in a quiet environment. Not to talk about the extra data usage it’s going to use while playing the videos online.

However it may seem, if you want to stop autoplay songs or videos in your, you can now do this via the new/latest chrome browser (chrome beta version 64). This new feature of Chrome allows you to mute autoplay sounds automatically while browsing.


New Chrome Update – Chrome 64 Beta

Google has big plans for you in their latest Chrome update. The chrome 64 Beta was released on Friday and it allows you to silence or mute autoplay videos or music by default. Not only that, it also stops malicious redirects and offers more features. Although, still in a beta phase, reports from The Verge has that the features will be fully functional come January.

You can follow this link to give autoplay muting of the Chrome browser a try. Note: this chrome browser is only a beta version.

In this update, you can only mute autoplay videos site by site and not across the whole platform or browser. Yes, it may seem stressful doing it for individual sites. In short, sites that aren’t known to you that you may come across will still play if it has autoplay videos. But, on a much brighter side, there will be much relief knowing that your favorite sites with autoplay videos that may seem annoying to you would be much quiet for a while.

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Other Important Features of Chrome 64 Beta

Besides the autoplay video muting, the new chrome packs other important features.
  • Improved Pop-up Blocker – A lot of sites has a feature of opening new tabs (mostly ad pages) persistently which can be very frustrating and annoying. Sites like these are usually streaming sites or sites with download options. This new chrome feature helps to prevent these sites from opening annoying new tabs.
  • Features an HDR video playback on Windows 10.
  • Tweaked page resize options for developers.
  • “Split View” feature for Chrome OS.

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