How to Link or Pair a Second PS4 controller to your PS4 Console

ps4 controller

If you have bought a second ps4 controller, you may not know how to pair it up with the console. That is if you are a newbie of course. In online communities, some people even come to the conclusion that their controller is faulty. This is probably because PS4 is the first game console to … Read more

GamePigeon – How to delete Game Pigeon on iPhone and iPad

delete game pigeon on iphone

Delete Game Pigeon from iPhone and iPadAre you tired of playing the game pigeon on your iPhone? This post will guide you on how to Uninstall and completely delete the game pigeon from iPhone device. With the release of iOS 10 updates on the iPhone devices, users are able to play games on the iMessage … Read more

Popcornflix – How to Stream Movies for Free on

popcornflix movies

Most of us love movies and there is seemingly nothing better than being able to watch your favourite movies or TV shows from the comfort of your home which is why there are so many sites and streaming websites where you can watch your favourite shows at a very cheap rate. Streaming subscriptions are relatively … Read more