Facebook Search – Find People by Name, Email City and More | facebook.com

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Facebook Search | Find People by Name, City… Just like the Google search engine, Facebook has its own search engine. Facebook has numerous search tools for apps searches, name search, page search, individual property search e.t.c. This search tool is just as useful as the Google search engine, but a lot of people have found … Read more

Facebook Graph Search – How to Clear your Facebook Search History

facebook search

Facebook has a tool called the Facebook Graph Search tool. This search tool keeps a log of all your activities on Facebook including searches, likes and page activities. Although your log activities on Facebook are shown only to you, Facebook still has it. It’s possible for the Government or any other top organization to request … Read more

Instagram Web – Instagram Online Usage Via the Web

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Instagram is the most popular social media platform for sharing pictures and videos on the internet. It can be primarily accessed via its mobile app (Android and iOS) or the web, but the major focus has been placed on its apps platform. Instagram Mobile app users can upload photos or videos, and in turn, their … Read more