On this article we will walk you through how to create a booker account and how to sign-in to your Booker account for the first time.

How to create a booker account

Once you have the Booker on your device or system, You can create a login from the “System Settings”or Logins when entering a new employee’s profile on the “System Settings Employees option”

  1. Go to the system settings on the booker platform then scroll down to LOGINS.
  2. Click on “new user”
  3. For first name: Enter the user’s first name.
  4. On the Last name option: type in the user’s last name.
  5. Email: type in the user’s email address.
  6. Roles: Select the user role(s) that should best fit the employee’s responsibilities and how he/she will be using Booker.
On the roles option you can choose different combinations of roles.
  1. Optional Permissions: when you are some selecting the user’s roles an additional permissions that can be granted to the roles will pop up below.

They are called “optional permissions” By setting an optional permission to Yes, you will add additional features and some capabilities to the user’s booker account.

Although, user may need some of these optional permissions that depends on the tasks they will need to perform in Booker.

  1. Employee: Select an employee to link to this user account for reporting and also scheduling.

Only the employees that do not have any linked user accounts will show in the drop-down menu.

  1. Username: Create a username you want for the user.
  2. Password: set a password
    Note: your password need to be strong and sometimes password should be case sensitive which should contain at least a special character.
  3. Retype password: for security purposes you will need to enter the password again.
  4. Allow Universal Login: if you Select the “Yes” option, it will allow the user to be able to sign in from any location. But Selecting the “No” option will restrict access so the user and the user can only sign in from a particular IP addresses.
  5. Allow IP Addresses: If you set it to “No” for the “Allow Universal Login” then enter additional IP address or addresses where the user can sign in.

Which You will also need to enter these IP addresses in the System Settings where you will see the Security option

Note: the IP Lock is only available to Booker Premium customers.

  1. Change password for next login: we recommend this box any time you set up a new user Login.

This has to be done on a computer because the user can not change password via the Booker App.

  1. Final stage: Click submit and you are done.


Below is a step-by-step instructions to help you through.

On the home page of your browser

That is because the Booker sign in page is how you and your employees will have access to the Booker, so we recommend you bookmark it or make it your browser homepage.

Steps To sign in:

  1. On your browser, Visit
  2. Another option is for you to go and then click on the Login option at the top-right corner of the page.
  3. You should see the sign-in page should open.
  4. On the first page that opens, type in your account name and then press Continue.
  5. Now on the second page of the browser, enter your username and password.

This particular information will be sent to you by your sales representative.

  1. Click on sign in.

After you must have signed in, the main System Settings page on the home page will open.

The System Settings is the control panel of your Booker account, which is accessible only to the Admins.

Hope this was easy for you😎😎😎

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