Blurb Checkout – How to Uninstall Blurb Checkout

Uninstall Blurb Checkout
Blurb Checkout may be a pre-installed app on Samsung devices and works in conjunction with a book creating app known as “Story Album”, that is battery-powered by indorsement in partnership with Samsung.

The Story Album app permits you to make a book victimisation photos that you just have clicked on your Samsung device, and indorsement Checkout app is employed to pay money for the book if you chose to order one. Well the app blurb checkout, is actually a pre-installed app or bloatware that is usually seen on Samsung devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Blurb Checkout app is complementary to the Story Album app, and it helps to make books.

P.S: The Samsung Story Album app is an app the enables one to make a book via the pictures you have taken with your Samsung device.

Now what the blurb checkout app does is that it allows you to book an order for these books made, and also pay for it via blurb checkout.

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How to Uninstall Blurb Checkout

Everyone including me is really bothered about the power consumption of the Blurb Checkout app. Especially when we know we aren’t using it as much.

So here’s the deal, the blurb checkout app is embedded into the Story Album, and Samsung doesn’t allow us to uninstall the story album.

This means that we can’t Uninstall the blurb checkout unless we do something risky.

Unfortunately, you cannot uninstall this app as it comes bundled with the device. However, you may try uninstalling it on a rooted device as it is safe to do so.

The only way to uninstall the blurb checkout app is to root your device.
Rooting or Jailbreaking your Samsung device will enable you to delete all bloatware which includes blurb checkout.

Note: I do NOT Encourage you to root your device as it’s a risky act, especially when you still have a warranty.

Do this at your own risk.

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