BlueStacks Review – Is BlueStacks Safe?

Is Bluestack safe and legal?
Bluestacks is one amongst the foremost widespread humanoid emulators out there. But unlike other Android emulators, Bluestacks always has an aura of uncertainty around it. Some people think it’s safe to use, while others have had some experiences that made them raise some security concerns about the cross-platform Android Emulator.

BlueStacks is a free cross-platform Android Emulator. In simpler terms, it’s like a virtual Android phone running on your Mac or Windows PC.

It’s really useful if you were dreaming about playing some Android games that are not available for PC like Clash Royale, for example. Some individuals use BlueStacks to run humanoid programs that don’t seem to be accessible on computers either. Before Viber and WhatsApp released a Windows version, popular usage of BlueStacks was in installing and using these chat and VoIP programs on the pc.

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BlueStacks security concerns.

Perhaps the main reason why users are suspecting that this Android emulation software isn’t safe is the fact that some 3rd party security applications like McAfee and Avast might detect the main BlueStacks executable as a threat.

But as it turns out, the vast majority of these reports turned out to be false-positives. And even in those cases where the executable was actually infected, no evidence was found that file was already infected when Bluestacks was installed.

It’s true that the BlueStacks installer asks you to disable your AV protection while installing the application on your system, but this only to ensure that you don’t have an over-protective security suite that will prevent the BlueStacks installation from completing successfully.

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Is BlueStacks Safe?

Bluestacks is AN human to run humanoid apps and games on your Windows or mackintosh devices. It’s not a virus or anything else. From my facet, it is completely risk-free and you can use it freely. However, Bluestacks will alter you synchronize info from your humanoid phone to the devices on to your ar victimisation BlueStacks. So, you must take care that the install Bluestacks solely on the device you own.

I not only told this on my user experience, but I also contacted most of my friends who are the regular user of the BlueStacks app player. Moreover, you can read the privacy policy of BlueStacks for more assistance.

So if you’re after for the definitive conclusion, then Yes. Bluestacks is Safe. We found no evidence of malware, spyware or crypto-mining. As of now, Bluestacks is 100% safe. All security certificates are signed and no secondary applications are ever bundled.

But keep in mind that BluStacks only acts as a virtual machine. It’s your responsibility that you install only trusted applications from the Google Play Store.

Is BlueStacks Legal?

Another question that a lot of users that are considering Bluestacks have is if the software is illegal or not. It’s a legitimate question, especially if you were to look into most Nintendo or Gameboy emulators.

Although you might be tempted to put BlueStacks in the same pot as Nintendo/Gameboy/Gamecube emulators, you shouldn’t do this. Nintendo emulators are illegal because they include software copies of physical games inside the system hardware ROM in order to work. This is a classic example of piracy.

However, Bluestacks incorporates a completely different atmosphere to figure with. As you might know, Android is completely open-source. Even though Google apps are Google’s own property, BlueStacks doesn’t violate any policies. The platform comes pre-bundled with Google Play Store (this is part of an agreement between the two parties) and you the Play Store will treat your BlueStack platform as any other Android device. No discrimination whatsoever.


BlueStacks is completely legal as it runs an open-source OS and has the necessary permissions to include & support the Google Play store.

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