Best YouTube Banner Dimensions

Through the years, YouTube  has became the ultimate go-to platform for any type of videos. Not just random videos anymore like in the early days of YouTube but any type of videos you just might be looking for. Whether it is tutorials, celebrity gist, pop culture news, movies and so much more, YouTube is the place for it. Also, if you need to share whatever content with the world, YouTube has made it all the more easier to put it out there for the world to see.

Videos are what’s in vogue right now and it’s going to remain that way for a very long time. Therefore companies have begun to use YouTube as a platform for advertising their business to the world at large.

If you have a YouTube channel, then you recognize that visual identity is a crucial part of getting people interested. When you have a brand, your banner is the contact people have with your brand on YouTube; it is one of the fundamental ingredients of developing your brand on YouTube.

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Dimension is an important factor to be considered when setting up your YouTube banner. When you upload photos to your YouTube channel, you’ll be shown a preview of it appears on different devices. To avoid the important part of your banner being cut off is the reason why it is vital to have the best dimensions for your banner.

Derisory YouTube banner size and dimension can easily ruin the first impression of a visitor on your channel. Or the second impression of a person who is visiting your channel after watching a great video. Dimensions are just as important as sizes and if you want to make a really good impact on the YouTube community with your brand. Then getting the best dimension for your YouTube banner is of utmost importance.

Now that you understand the importance of YouTube dimensions for your YouTube banner, let’s take a look at the YouTube banner dimensions you can work with.

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The minimum YouTube banner dimension is 2048 by 1152 pixels but there is no maximum size to your YouTube dimension. YouTube however recommends 2560 by 1140 pixels as the best size for your YouTube banner dimension.

When you set YouTube dimension, there are ‘safe areas’ which are highlighted in orange. YouTube banner dimensions have safe areas. Because your banner will look different when displayed across various devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers or even television screens.

Therefore the safe area is where you should insert any logo or text you would like to portray to the public. This part of your YouTube banner will always be visible irrespective of the device it is displayed on. Thus, making sure that no crucial detail is cut off. For that reason, it is important that your logo and text dimensions are set within 1546 by 243 pixels at the centre of the image.


Over one (1) billion hours is spent watching videos on YouTube everyday by users all over the world. It is also the second most used search engine in the world. Thus, it is a perfect platform to promote your company and your brand. To do this, having the best banner is important. Because image quality, size and dimension are all a crucial part of creating a perfect banner for your brand.

Getting the right dimension for your banner is a step closer to having the perfect brand. 2560 by 1140 pixels might seem quite high but it is to give you the best quality banner while making sure the message you’re aiming to convey with your banner is passed on.

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