Best TV Settings for Gaming

optimal tv settings for games
Where are my gamers? This is different yet interesting and educating information for gamers. Online gaming has introduced a new level of head-to-head rivalry where every second can make the difference between life and death (virtual). The winning option boils down to who has the fastest reactions. Also, the brand of television can have a real effect on that all-important kill-to-death ratio as well as the way you’ve got your Television set up. Let me introduce you to something interesting.

Input lag

This refers to the amount of time it takes a television to display pictures after receiving image data as its inputs. There are factors guiding this input lag such as chipset-processing speeds leading to drastic differences in input lag speeds between different processing and picture enhancing. This lag ranges from 10 milliseconds to as high as 150 milliseconds. Gamers buy televisions that measure fewer than 35 milliseconds of input lags because these have minimal impact on the player’s performance. Different products seem to struggle with input lags such as LG, Sony, Samsung and others.

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Buying a Television does not guarantee that you will enjoy playing your game to the fullest. Making your television an awesome gaming machine is not just the case of buying new models because the best TV settings for gaming don’t tend to be fully set up right out of the box. You have to be able to optimize them manually for better pictures.

How to set TV for better gaming

The first step is to find and activate your television’s game preset, if it has one. Though, some televisions don’t offer game preset and others are not usually found in the same menus as others. Game presets are usually designed to minimize input lag by turning off various portions of a TV’s video processors which could lead to input lag measurements far lower than the initial picture presets.

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List of TV Settings for Gaming

Based on research, I have a list of TV settings for gaming

  • Picture/contrast should be set to at least level seven(7) or 70 percent
  • For backlight setting, it should be set it to level seven(7) or 70 percent. As well in sync with picture/contrast setting
  • For sharpness, it should be set to zero (0) or off for HD source content. It may take a while for your eyes to adjust though, just take a break from the screen for a few seconds for your eyes to adjust.
  • Tint/color should be 50 percent
  • Sharpness buff should be set to off
  • Dynamic contrast or Black Adjust settings should also be set high
  • HDMI black levels should also be set to normal
  • Sunglasses effect or energy saving setting should be set to off
  • Brightness should also be set to 50 percent
  • Picture mode should be cinema or movie, not vivid, dynamic or sports.

The options above are a few settings you should apply for better gaming picture but it all depends on the kind of model of TV you are using. Sometimes, your TV may come with features to help process the video and picture that you see. So the best thing to do is to review and adjust the settings so as to get the best results.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the following settings may be found or may not be found on your model of TV. So, just take a look at the settings on your TV and then find it on the list above. Those are just and basic TV settings for gaming. Check them out and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment box below.

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