10 Best Technology Sites For Teachers

It’s a digital world we live in and the more people learn, the more they try to seek out ways to expand their knowledge and even ask questions about what they have already learned.

If you are a teacher, then you must continually be seeking ways to pique your interest and also unique learning ways to keep them interested in learning. To do this, checking out technology sites to be creative and add fresh elements to your classroom is not such a bad idea. You probably have no  idea where to begin, there are hundreds of technology sites you can visit but we’ll be listing the 10 best technology sites for teachers in this article.


With bookwizard, you can level up your classroom library. It helps you find resources for the books you are teaching and also, it helps you find the right book for your students at every level.


On scholastic book club, you will find books for any level of class you are teaching and it offers you high-quality book at a low cost.


On this site, you can engage your students with dozens of interactive tools, it also offers lesson plans, development resources and even apps for students.


This website is really helpful if you aim to adjust the reading level of a text, all you have to do is visit the site and then paste the website URL of the text you want to adjust in the yellow box at the top of the sites then click the ‘rewordify text’ link provided. Rewordify will make simpler the text to the reading level you select in the settings.

If you also just want part of the text rewordified, then just copy the part you wish to rewordify into the yellow box. When you click on the ‘print/learning activities’ link provided, Rewordify creates vocabulary list from the text on the definitions and also generate vocabulary quizzes for the text, it even creates close activities for the text. The purpose of rewordify is to make challenging texts accessible to each and every student.


This website summarizes texts to the exact number of sentences you would like. Simply visit the website, copy the text you would like to summarize to the box provided on the page and then click on the summarize button provided on the page to summarize the text.


This is one of the best technology sites for teachers, it allows you take your students to locations being studied while still in the classroom. It allows you to explore the location you would like to visit through street view. An awesome feature Google Earth offers is the Voyagers tool; this tool gives information and stories about spots visited on the digital tour.


If you use videos in your class while teaching, then this app allows you to make the videos you are already using interactive. Once you upload a video to their site or choose from a large number of videos created by other teachers, you can also edit or crop the video on the site


This site was produced by Newseum, a news museum in Washington. This website is great for social studies and history teachers, it has an awesome collection of news artefacts, primary sources and lessons that helps teachers teach civic and government subjects, helping you give your students a close look at history. You can search for contents by state, theme, topic, country and so on. You can also share with your students using a URL that only lasts two weeks but can be renewed.


On this site which was created by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Trust for Humanities, you can find lesson plans, photos, primary sources and videos for a wide array of humanities topics.


This site is a great mobile learning tool that allows teachers turn their classrooms paperless and do all their testing, examining and assessing online. With Answer pad, you can differentiate instructions and assess learning in time while pushing out the lesions to the teachers.

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These technology sites facilitate a more personalized and fun-filled learning and the fact that technology has become second nature to students these days makes it all the more better.

Teachers therefore need to use technology sites to aid students in their study and even revision. Of course, the key lie in knowing the best technology sites for teachers and that is exactly what this article has offered.

Any further queries or suggestions about technology sites for teachers can be forwarded to us via the comment box below and we’ll get back to you.

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