Best Technology Sites for Students

Best technology Sites for Student

It’s the 21st century and at the age of modern technology where new gadgets and digital are being created and developed every day. Technology sites and blogs came in very handy. Students would know these new technologies through articles or blogs.

The world is evolving really fast and so is education. Every day, we hear about new innovative technology that will change the world. And it is recommended that we know how to use it in the best way. This article is dedicated to improving the way you learn about technology.

These educational sites offer us the chance to improve education at entry level for everybody. So it is therefore important now for students to have access to the best new programs and methods right away.

There are so many technology websites for students but I will be listing out my ten (10) favorite websites.

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TECHNOLOGY WEBSITES FOR STUDENTS is a leading blog on the internet that provides technology news on a daily basis to internet users. It covers topics and guides related to technology, culture, and business and it also publishes useful articles for upcoming gadgets. I highly recommend you to read and visit this site for interesting and next generation gadgets.

I assure you that you will be going to get a lot of valuable information through reading this website on the daily basis. shares articles mostly related to mobile, tablets, gaming devices, laptops and TV as well.

Wired is one of the most popular media on the internet which provides news related to latest trend of technology. It also publishes useful guides related to upcoming entertainment, business, gadgets, design and gadgets. If you love quality news or updates, you will surely love

TechCrunch provides articles related to latest tech, internet portals, and news. It is considered as one of the popular website in providing quality information related to technology news and gadgets.

EdTech Roundup

edTech RoundUp is one of the best places to find out the latest news related to education technology. Roundup may not have as many original ideas as some other blogs but it sure provides you with the best place to keep informed on progress in the field.

this website has the greatest android community in the world. It’s a community that discuss general news, feature apps, review phones and might even teach you how to hack a little. No knowledge is wasted, so if you are looking for place to learn about android and talk with like-minded people about technology, then Droid-life is definitely for you.


If you want to understand technology better, connect it to life activities, then engadget is here to tell you more about it. Engadget explains technology as not just bits and processors, but more like a car without a driver. Also, human organs being printed in the lab, taking technology to the next level.

Venture is a media company obsessed with covering interesting and amazing technology; why and how it matters in our life. So, if you would like to get updated with innovative tech, gaming companies and the great minds behind them, search no more because is here to give you details.

This site provides guides related to tablets, laptops and mobiles and it also rates the different kind of smartphones devices as well as tablets. It is one of the most popular technology news and gadgets related website on the internet. If you are an android lover, smile even more because this website also publishes android related news and guides.

this is another largest hub of technology, interesting lifestyles, computer gaming devices. It also covers articles related to cars, photography and even writes about the Apple news as well.

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Final Thoughts

Well, those are my favourite educational technology website for students and I hope you find them really interesting. As I said earlier, no knowledge is wasted so just in case I missed out any other educative and technology website, then just drop it in the comment box below.

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