Are you 40 or over 40? Are you yet to find someone you’d like to tie the knot with. Or, maybe you’ve finally recovered following the messy and painful aftermath of a divorce, and you’re ready to get back out there and test the waters. Or just maybe you have been so hyper-focused on building a career, investing in the right deals and preparing for the future that you forgot your soul needed a game plan as much as your brain did.

So, whatever the reasons why you find yourself single after the age of 40, diving back into the pool of eligibility can bring hesitation, confusion, and fear. Moreover, you are no longer an innocent teenager. Well, you have been around the block — and then some — and you are likely more stuck in your ways than you realize. So what next?



The moment you hit 40, online dating sites like Tinder, Bumble or Hinge might look young and frivolous but looking for something more mature, looking for a serious encounter to push your energy into, then you need to get dating sites that cater for your age group and in the direction of the kind of relationship you are looking for. Here are some of my best dating sites for over 40. Don’t go anywhere.


Zoosk might not be popular but this international dating app has more than 35 million members. This dating site is definitely ideal for your fast-paced career has you traveling far and wide because you have the opportunity to meet singles from different countries.

One amazing feature about Zoosk is how they track and measure the validity of photos, they designed the site so that you are not paired with someone who is representing themselves 10 years and 20 pounds ago. They also use what they call proprietary behavioral matchmaking engine that makes recommendations based on how you message, how you surf and what matters to you.

Zoosk does require a paid membership to truly interact, those who are in the market for love post-40 swear by its success, so if you’re an older man looking to get into internet dating, it’s the ideal place to start.

When you first sign-up for, unlike a lot of online dating sites, you’ll need to carve out some time to answer several questions. Here is where being specific and honest about your hopes in dating become very much important. sends you recommended singles based on these responses and beyond their algorithm, it’s reasonable to conclude the people who are on Match are looking for something serious, meaning they’ll actually take the time to comb through your page.

Well, another perk of joining Match is their blossoming secondary company, Stir. So, depending on where you’re located, you can browse through local events – from happy hours to day trips and kickball games – that bring together users based on interests which can be a more exciting way to meet singles in your area that are Match users, without having a long conversation back and forth.

Love Again

Are you looking for a great spot to score a date past 40, look no further because Love Again is here. This site is designed especially for mature daters (and that’s you) so you can enjoy the ease, simplicity, and purpose. Well, depending on your style, you can browse through profiles, instant message folks, join group chats and chat with folks you’re really interested in.

So, I have these recommended destinations for those looking to engage in some over-40 dating attract those who are not only in your age range but on your same page. How about you go through these best dating sites for over 40 listed above and who knows…. You might just score more than a date this weekend — you could find… the one.

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