Facebook Followers – Enable Facebook Followers Setting | Turn on Facebook Followers

Facebook Followers - Enable Facebook Followers Setting | Turn on Facebook Followers

Apart from the usual add friend on Facebook to gain more followers there is a feature of allowing people to follow your Facebook account without necessarily being your added friend. This, you may not know, but now relax as you come to know everything about it now. The following feature in the setting is not … Read more

Dlive Streaming Platform: how to Stream on Dlive from your Mobile Device

As you already know from the above title, Dlive is a streaming platform most especially for online gamers; it is built on or uses blockchain-based technology that is powered by Lino Blockchain. You can upload anything from ordinary videos to videogames and others. And through its refrereum token system, videogame players, and other streamers will … Read more

Showmax – Stream Videos with Showmax on your Mobile Devices

Have yourself filled with entertainment by streaming videos online via the showmax app. you can stream and watch series, movies, kiddies shows and more, anywhere you are, at any time and on any device. The showmax app has these unique features of downloading and saving straight to your devices which makes it available for you … Read more

Zoom App

Zoom by the ordinary mention of it seems like we are either making the sound of a car or we are talking about the meaning of the word as in, to view a thing in a closer range. However, both meaning is not what we mean here. Zoom here is an American communication technology company … Read more

DuckDuckGo Search Engine

Introduction We all search the internet every day of our lives looking for answers to one thing or the other. That is a good one because we are searching for information so as to stay informed and up to dates with happenings around us. What do we always go through to find this info? the … Read more

What is G Suite and what it is used for

G Suite is formerly known as Google Apps _ it is a suite or collection of applications software and including a variety of features that can help in promoting your business or productivity. Such tools contained in G Suite some of which you may already know and familiar with are Gmail, google calendar, google drive, … Read more

Twitch Hosting: Host your Streams

What is twitch? Twitch is an online streaming media site that allows its users to broadcast and stream their video games as well as play games. Important note, streaming of video games was what twitch platform started with however, it has since expanded to include other varieties of streams such as short digital videos, occasional … Read more