Atlassian Softwares and Tools

What is Atlassian?

Atlassian is a software company situated in Australia whose main purpose is developing softwares and collaboration tools for software developers, project managers and content managers.

Software developers work in small but highly skilled teams that enabled lightweight or right weight tools which help to automate collaboration. Thus, Atlassian follow suit in considering what software developers need to develop its products.

All Atlassian products support a variety of industries due to its flexible nature of configuration, powerful workflow engine and easy adoption by teams. Thus, products such as Jira is used in finance, healthcare, IT or technology, manufacturing industries, retails and professional service industries and many more.

As such it is best known for its most popular product JIRA.

What is Jira?

Jira was created as an issue (bug) tracking software or tool that helps teams plan and manage their work. Jira product has different versions depending on your needs. And they are

Jira core

This one is used for general business projects tracking, tracking of tasks and reporting on them, also for task management etc.

Jira software

This is used for software development, backlog planning and issue assignment, virtual scrum and dashboard report of issue, sprint and release progress.

Jira service desk

This provides the service of helpdesk or service desk management, tracking service level agreement and other metrics, customer self-service portal, problem management and change management etc.

Some of it other products

Atlassian has recorded success with its other products or software developing tools as in wiki tool called confluence and bitbucket. Others are, crucible, bamboo, fisheye, clover, hipchat

Reviews of some of Atlassian’s products


Atlassian Confluence is one Atlassian tools that allow users to create an organized and dedicated workspace that connects teams. The confluence platform makes it easier for teams to work together on a wide range of tasks and projects. It offers some templates that help teams get started on creating their ideal workspace

Some of it feature includes

The offering of over 15 customizable templates to teams; and pages can be customized with images videos and GIFs to make them more engaging.

It contains searching feature such that you can conduct a full-text search of all contents, including comments, pages and space descriptions

With the use of confluence software, it keeps your work organized by categorizing or grouping related pages, structure your page trees and archive pages to be sure to find contents easily

You can jointly edit pages, send feedback as well as get feedback too through inline and page comments.


Bitbucket is another important tool of Atlassian. It is a Git repository management solution designed for professional teams. Is a central place to manage git repositories, collaborate on source code and the user through the development flow.

Some of it features includes

Control of access to the source code; control of team workflow to enforce project; integration of Jira for full development traceability etc.

Three deployments options contains on Bitbucket are:

Bitbuket cloud hosted on atlassian’s servers and accessed through a URL

Bitbucket server hosted on premise in your environment.

Bitbucket data centre hosted on a number of servers in groups on your  environment

How to get started with Atlassian product – such as Jira cloud products and confluence products

  • Create a website for each product you will want to use. Visit then on one of the Jira products or confluence, click on Try cloud.

 Dependimg on the product you selected you may have an option to choose free seven days trial, unrestricted.

Then from your site, enter a name for your site which will form part of the URL. And from email, enter your email address, you will be worked through creating an account or you will be logged in to the site if you have already created an Atlassian account with the email address.

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It will only take a few minutes to create your site and build your products and once it is done an email will be sent to you.  Simply go to https://<the name you chose for your site when signing up>