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The Apply updates from adb features is one of the most useful features. The stock recovery mode helps to give shortcuts which Android mobile device users use to get rid of small gadgets and problems with various glitches. There is a way in which you can find stock recovery when there is a snag, where there are functions such as factory reset, reboot system now and so on. If you are not technologically wise on this, then you will not have an idea with this.


The apply updates from adb is a medium used to upgrade your Android mobile device with a zip.file using a PC. Most especially when your Android Mobile Device is having issues. The article will teach you two things which are as follows:

  1. When to make use of the Apply Update From adb.
  2. How to make use of adb sideload to update your Android device.

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When to make use of ‘Apply Update From adb

This Apple update from adb is available on different recovery mode which includes; TWRP recovery, Stock recovery, and CWM recovery. You should ensure that your Android device can boot into any one of the above recovery modes. It works and function in the following ways:

  1. The android device is unable to access your normal screen but it is able to access the recovery mood.
  2. When the android device is acting up with an unknown system problem.
  3. The android is locked but it cannot allow further operations with other apps or tools using PC.
  4. When the Android phone OS is not available in your location ( area or country).
  5. When the Android phone OS is already released but it is not available in your location (area or country) yet.
  6. You don’t want to flash ROM forcibly, which can lead to the loss of your data. One way of flashing ROM is by loading a different version of the Android OS. 

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How to make use of adb sideboard to update your android device

Before proceeding with the installation, you should ensure that the USB debugging is enabled on your android device and ensure that your Android mobile device is charged over 50%.

Step 1. You are to install the device drivers on your PC and you should ensure that your android device can be found or detected on your PC.

Step 2. You will download the desired platform-tools package on your PC download the file from trusted sites into your PC and make sure you unzip the zip.file first.

Step 3. Inside the unzipped file folder, press and hold the shift key afterward right-click. In the options, you will click on ‘Open command window here’. When you click on it, a command window will pop up.

Step 4. Type in adb devices commands in order to check if the adb is compatible with your PC and if it is installed properly.

Step 5. Take the file which you downloaded and move it to platform-tools folder.

Step 6. Next, you boot your android into recovery mode.

Step 7. Make use of the volume button to chose apply updates from adb option and use the power button to confirm.

Step 8. Type in adb sideload filename of on your PC in the command window and afterwards, the zip.file will be sent to your android mobile device.

Step 9. Finally, your android mobile device will open and you will verify the

The following steps will enlighten and guide you on how to apply updates from adb if carefully read and followed too.

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