The AOL Mail is an open source web-based email service and it operated by AOL which is a co-concern of Verizon communications. This type of service is also known as the AIM Mail and it also called as AOL Instant Messenger. When you want to send mail through anyone using your AOL mail account for that you have to give the program instruction for accessing your AOL mail SMTP server. Only through using the server you can send the mail from your mail

In case, if you don’t know how to access AOL mail SMPT server. At that point, the process stops and it won’t send mail. The POP or IMAP setting could be correct which means you can download and read every email fine. If you don’t do the correct SMTP server settings configured, then you cannot send mail through using the AOL Mail and it will be complicated to send the mail.

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The AOL Mail would differ from the AOL’s traditional e-mail program. Because it does not require special software that is available for a free to anyone. Like the other webmail programs runs over the internet using the different standard web browser such as Internet, Safari, Explorer etc.

What are the features that you can find inside the AOL Mail?

Inside the AOL Mail. when you want to read the messages then there is a need for you to click on the inbox. When you click it would open and perform all the basic actions which are required.

  • In that reply would let you write a message back for the sender to all recipients.
  • A forward option would let you forward the content to the other once.
  • The action button would pull down the menu with the advanced organizational option. The is used for making a message as new, flagging up a new message and moving them into the other folders.
  • Delete would send the message to your trash folder that had been located on the left-hand side.
  • You can find a spam that would send the message to your spam folder which will help the AOL mail for identifying the future spam.

When you want to create an email there is a need for you to hit on the reply to the existing message that had been present. If not you can click on the compose option at the screen that is available in the top left for creating a fresh message.

 The other attractive format that is available in AOL Mail

The AOL Mail comes up with the rich content layout palette and it would allow you for changing the fonts, background, text alignment etc. This tool would be available in the right above the larger text box.

  • When you want to attach for an image or some other files then through using the attach button you can do it.
  • You can check up your message with the spelling button that is available in the top of the window. Click on the misspelled words for you to see suggested corrections.
  • When everything worked out well click on the send button that is shown on the top of the screen.
  • If you are not ready then you can press up the save draft button, to save the message in the draft folder.
  • Below to the trash, you can find out the two different icons.
    • Contact – It is the same as an address book.
    • Calendar – It would open where you can add some new contacts. Inside this, you can hit on the new event button and add the events, appointments or meeting to the calendar. In that, you would be asked your name, even, date, time and indication mode which you can repeat when you want.

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Interesting tips that you want to know about the panel

AOL Mail offers many advanced features that include the panel in which you can find the mail on the screen in the right side. Through using the panel you can quickly link to the other online services provided by AOL. The information that you want to know about the panels is as follows.

The AIM panel is an open and embedded AOL instant messenger window and you can find them on the right side of the screen. Through using that you can configure AOL Mail which would automatically get logged into the AIM when you are opening your email program. This AIM would include all the basic AIM features names like the Buddy list. It has the ability to send the IMs. Here you can start the chat session and send the text messages.

To do panel this opens up your To Do list in which you can easily add the new tasks and dates. Inside this, you can receive all the emails. Then events panel had been tied up to your calendar application. Upcoming calendar events would appear in the event panel.

A blog link would locate next to the calendar and this option gives you an entry in your AOL journal. When you click on the blog link fill and it required subject and content in it.

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The outgoing configurations that take place in AOL Mail

The AOL Mail setting would be exactly the same as in all the things that you make use of it. That may be a tablet, laptop, mobile phone or your home system. When you want to process there is a need for you to enter the right SMPT server settings and you can also send them through using the send mail from your AOL mail account.

  • SMPT server address is required.
  • Then the SMPT username and password.
  • TLS and SSL are also required.

Even after you had entered your correct SMPT server settings you cannot find out the mail properly. For that, you don’t want to worry. Just cross check whether the password that you had entered into it is correct. If not then there you would find out some of the other misconfigured settings.

Reset your password when it is required

Resetting your AOL password mail is an easy task but make sure that your password is correct. When you cannot access your mail then double check all your incoming mail setting are correct. The incoming mail settings are important for you to download the mail easily.

how can you create and manage your AOL Mail account?

The AOL Mail would give you a personalized mail experience for you to connect with your family as well as your friends. There is a need for you to know how to create a new account in the AOL Mail.

Easy tips for you to create your new AOL account

Step 1: Go to the main AOL page.

Step 2: Click on the Login or Join option. You can find them in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 3: Click on the AOL mail sign up which you can find them at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Finally enter and submit the requested information in it correctly.

Manage your username and password correctly

The AOL makes it to the breeze and to get help up with the common username and password issues. There is a need for you to learn how to change, reset a password and how to manage up your AOL username properly.

  1. Username: Thing that you should know while you are creating a username
    • The username is the unique identity which gives you the access for service like the AOL mail.
    • Unfortunately, you cannot change your username once after creating them.
    • You can have one username per AOL account.
    • All your master and secondary usernames had been considered with their own account.
  2. Password: Is changing your password is difficult. When you cannot log in inside the AOL Mail because you had forgotten your password and now it is not risky. You may think why. It is because you can reset them and create a new one within a short span of time.
  • Go to the AOL sign-in page that is found.
  • Enter the username that you had created in the AOL Mail.
  • Click on the next button found in it.
  • There click on I forget my password. After clicking on that the verification code would be sent to the phone number you can enter in that. Once you enter you can change the password into a new one.

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When you have any queries you can post and get it

AOL Live technical support is available for you to help if you continue to have any problem with your AOL Mail accounts.

Features of AOL Mail

The AOL Mail is a pretty solid email service provider and it has a better method for you to keep away spam emails. It contains the unlimited storage space with the simple method for storing your email. The user would have a filter through the automated email shorting.

  • You can do the attachment up to 25 MB.
  • The maximum mailbox size would be 1000 new messages. It can have 4000 old messages and sent messages per screen.
  • It would support for the different set of protocols as like POP3, IMAP and SMTP.
  • You can easily link up to the other email accounts from another service provider that includes Gmail and Hotmail.
  • It has spam protection and virus protection with spell check options.

The other attractive AOL Mail features

Storage space: The AOL email storage space would offer you a limitless email storage space which means you have no longer needed for deleting your messages.

The email organization: Gmail has the labels but majority many organizing the email messages in the folder. The AOL lets you create a customized folder as same as Yahoo and Hotmail. It is used to save your data as per your needs.

Filters and computerized email sorting: When you have not used the AOL filters, then you are really missing out your own handiness. The filters can be automatically sorted for incoming messages into the folders.

  • All the email account holders need to be live with one of the greatest courage of the web.
  • AOL would allow you to create a customized text signature. This would include the images and links.
  • You can customize the look of a webmail interface using the available themes.
  • AOL would let you send messages or text messages directly from the email account.

You can make use of different AOL services

You can make use of the free service for importing all your contact information’s and for old emails from other email applications. The other new features that had been located on your setting menu and there you can find out under the general there you can find a checkbox.

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AOL Mail setting that you wants to know

The AOL Mail can be customized to suit your every need and you can personalize how to write an email. To manage all your incoming messages and the general look of your inbox and other settings

  • For that first, you have to sign into the AOL Mail.
  • Under the username, you have to click on the option in that go to the mail settings.
  • Click on the tab for setting up your want to change.
  • General
  • Compose
  • Filter settings
  • Calendar
  • Ads

Even inside the AOL Mail, you can update the required setting that is needed and click on save for finalizing your selections.

Select the box to show latest news, unread message and the mails tips. There is a need for you to choose the display either the senders name or the email address. Select how you want your emails for displaying your inbox. You can find out a new mail, mail away message, contact and auto sign off options that had been available in it.

Advantages of using the AOL Mail

When you are fed up with your existing email services and when you are looking for something new and different then sure the AOL Mail would do that for you.

  • The person could get an email address the AOL would have fewer rules for governing the virtual community of the chat rooms and bulletin board.
  • The free email providers would attach the files for outgoing the messages faster than the other service reviewed. You can add the free email invites to your calendar to set up an alert for the reaming you for meeting the other events. This would give you the best support without missing any event you can go and attend and keep on rocking.
  • Another special tool includes the AOL Mail account through which you can do the live chat features which you can instantly connect up with the others also through using the same chat program.
  • It contains both the trash and a spam folder which you can enable the spam filters and manually enter an email address that you like to redirect phishing schemes for your trash folder.
  • The pleasant surprise is that the messages that you would be working over there would not automatically get saved as like a draft. Here the saving draft would take place as the manual process.
  • Saving the draft would be a manual process. All the other free email services had been tested up with the other email services which including the Yahoo mail that would automatically save as a message draft until they had been either sent or deleted.
  • In this, you can find out an auto response features in which you can set up a message that will be sent out as a reply for anyone who had to send you a message during the certain timeframe. It is a great feature that really a people get to know you cannot answer them in the right way.

Drawbacks of AOL Mail

  • You cannot retrieve your unopened mail from the AOL users and here you cannot check up the real status of the sent message.
  • Here you cannot access the report of the spam button for reporting the email as spam.
  • Some of the email application would not show the deleted mail and some of them would show the deleted email in the original folder but it had been marked for deletions.

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