Android Telecom Server

A particular component of your phone that you may not have noticed is an android package on your android phone called if you ever come across it do not uninstall the application as it is a very important package performing a very important function on your phone.

Every phone be it android, iPhone etc have this one imperative function that is inevitable and is the number one use any phone user will put his phone to, and that is phone calls.

Therefore, the android telecom or as named in the application is a call configuration package with a set of codes working when you are making calls with your phone. in addition, the work it does is communicating with your operating system when you send or receive signals.

The android telecom is a framework that is responsible for managing your calls on your android phone; it is a very important part of your android packages developed by the operating system manufacturers.

Android Telecom and Telephony

Thus, it is important to note that, there are two types of this application, the android telephony, and the android telecom

The telephony is the dialer app that shows you your contacts and holds your contact for you and that in which you type phone numbers. It manages sim-based calls, VOIP calls using SIP meaning sip connection service or via third party VOIP

While the telecom, on the other hand, is the one that does all those phone calls you make and the received calls

Specific Functions

You need not worry about anything to consider uninstalling the application, because it does not function to store your information or spy on your call logs. However, It set out to play three major roles in the functions of your android phone.

  • It manages your calls that are voice over internet protocol (VOIP) using SIP connection that is sip connection service.
  • It manages calls based on your sim card using telephony
  • In addition, manages the voice over internet protocol (VOIP) when it is via the third party too.

With these, the android telecom or rather app helps in managing your phone calls. Therefore, imagine having a phone that you cannot make a call or video call with, then the primary function of the phone is out and the primary reason for having the phone is tarnished. Thus, you cannot uninstall the application if you do not want to render your android phone useless in that aspect. Moreover, the manufacturer has even made it a part of the phone such that you cannot uninstall.

There are two major components, which this android telecom deals with. And they are Connectionservice and incallservice

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Sim Toolkit on Android

I see it very important to add to this article and bring to your knowledge one important application on your android phone that you may also have been neglecting or even think some time that it is not of importance and would want to uninstall it from your phone. That is the sim toolkit app

This is one important application that allows you access all information relating to your sim card in your phone, it manages the sim card and your contacts effectively, not only that you can also get information about your android phone or whatever type of device you hold.

Such Information as your Sim Card Holds are

  • IMSI number: this is a fifteen-digit number used to identify you on your network
  • PIN and PUK: the pin is a code that allows you to limit any access to your sim. And you use the PUK code to unlock the pin
  • Authentication key: this is used to verify your internet connection
  • Your sim card can hold more than 300 contacts and SMS

Final Note

Today, you have learned more than one thing you may not have been aware of since you bought and have been operating that your android phone. Consider it beneficial and leave a comment below.

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