Amazon Music App | App Widget and Installation

Amazon music app is an app for the android users to download music and is been operated by This application has been in existence since March 22, 2011, and was made available to over 150 countries. Through the use of this application, you can switch to other things or activities on your phone.

amazon music app

Features of Amazon Music App

  • Firstly with the use of music app, you can play and as well download your music on android phone or device. And in a case where the Amazon music app is not pre-installed on your phone or device, you can download and installed it from the app store or google play.. all you need to do is just to type Amazon music then you download.
  • Secondly, the Amazon music app widget is very handy. It can be used as a shortcut in your various mobile device. It is available for both Android users and IOS users. The widget is in such a way that it is always being reviewed to get the best performance periodically.

Amazon music App Widget | how to install

Most applications and widget has various way or methods of installation. But the Amazon music app widget is very easy to install and to make use of. I will be putting you through the simple methods to get the Amazon music app widget functional on your mobile device.

I will be making use of the Android operating system as a case study. If it happens that you use a different operating system, then all you have to do is to pay an extra attention because there is just a slight difference in the installation procedure.

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The installation procedure is as follow

  • Firstly you will need to locate the apk file of the Amazon music app from a trustworthy website. I will recommend you to install directly from Amazon or you visit the google play store.
  • Once you have located the file, click on download wait patiently till the download is completed.
  • Then you can now save the file and click on it to install on your device
  • Make sure you enable installation from third-party sources
  • Wait patiently as the installation procedure is being completed
  • Once it is completed, you can now enjoy the full services of amazon music.

How to get the Amazon music app widget on the home screen of your device.

Installing widget varies depending on the mobile device you are using. Even when the operating systems are androids, the installations could still defer.

There are like similarities on the installation so pay attention to this method I will be mentioning below.

  • Get to the home screen of your device by clicking on the home button
  • Once you are there, press and hold on the screen. You will receive various options like wallpaper, icon, passwords, widget and so on
  • Select the widget option
  • Go through the different widget available and select amazon music app widget
  • Now you can select the various widget size you wish to appear on your home screen
  • Various widget size comes with a slight functionality difference.
  • So enjoy your Amazon music app and Amazon music app widget

Other devices that can make use of Amazon music app

Amazon has made it possible to access their music app via various devices. This has made it easy for people to navigate from one device to another without missing a bit out of the services offered by the Amazon music app.

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