Amazon Kids Tablet Review


Are you finding it difficult to control your kids at home? Amazon kids tablet offers the best solutions for that. Amazon kids tablet helps you tame your children and make them not go around disturbing the house and its environs. If you are busy with house chores and want to keep your kids busy, amazon kid tablet can come in and it will do the job perfectly. It will make them busy and cause you to worry less. It also sharpens the brain box and makes them look good confident wise.

amazon kid tablet

Amazon kids tablet is designed according to the needs of kids, what kids want today and what they need tomorrow. This helps kids in keeping them focus and help them grow mentally strong and ok. So many kids grow up with a dull lifestyle but with Amazon kids tablet, it gives kids an edge over their peers.

When to introduce your child to Amazon kids tablet

This is so going to vary from person to person, country to country, families to families. For example, it is said that toddlers like to watch videos and push buttons, this does not really show that they are ready to access a computer. Now the answer is to wait until preschool.

From a general view, it is noted that kids that are under two years learn best from experiences in the real world and interactions with people. Some people agree that kids should spend much of their time outside playing sports and doing other activities with their neighbors instead of looking at the screen.

The Pros, Con, and Verdict of Amazon kids tablet

The Pros

  • Amazon kids tablet is designed with a very vast parental control
  • This is also with the protection in case of any damage caused by accident.
  • The battery life of every kids tablet is always durable and can serve as much as you want.
  • The screen of every amazon kids tablet is always bright
  • The content of the tablet is with age limit

The Cons

  • Amazon kids tablet have very soft speakers which can damage easily.
  • The cameras are weak.


The verdict of the amazon kids tablet are:

  • The library of amazon kids tablet is very rich and it is designed according to their level.
  • This is with it durable chassis
  • This one I am about to mention is strictly put under much importance. That is the power control of parents.
  • Any kid tablet created by Amazon is simply the best when compared to others that we have around. This is just there to beat.

The amazon kids tablet comes very handily, it is designed and created beautifully just to suit the needs of every kid. When you see one you will be convinced to purchase for your kids.

Operating system

This also takes the shape of all amazons tablets. This equally runs with the company’s OS. The latest Amazon kid tablet is modified in such a way that it is a modified version of Android. With its own app store and a little user interface which is different.

UI that is child-friendly

The experience of the user is different and that depends on the type of profile which you use: adult, teen or adult. You should know that the teen and child profile is the same but the Teen profile does not have the good background of the Child. You will notice that the child profile’s home screen is horizontally locked. The Teen profile home screen can equally be seen vertically or horizontally.


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