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Amazon FireStick Remote
What is known as an amazon fire stick is seen as a small device in a size of a flash drive that is plugged into a T.V. The fire stick make t.v in streaming content over wifi. These include HBO Go, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Hulu and lots more inclusive. Also, a remote control is part of it that makes it works along with buttons or voice command, the new version that was included is Alexa Virtual Assistant.

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The Amazon fire stick was introduced in the year 2014 and it’s a competition with Google chrome cast and Roku which are new breeds of electronics called streaming TV sticks that stream movies and also TV shows from online sources.

In other words, Amazon fire stick could also be defined as a large pen drive., upon its size, it carries along nice and neat hardware inside it. The Amazon fire stick comes along with a voice remote that enables support for the Indian customer’s language in Hindu as well as the English language. With the use of voice remote users, you can look for amazon video only using their voice.

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Features of the Firestick and Amazon Firestick Remote

  • Amazon on its own is majorly seen as e-commerce site which equally has bigger hope according to the Indians. First of all, Amazon fire stick brings an internet media streaming service with the voice remote in a country. It cost is at 3,999 and is made available to buy or get at the Amazon website. Also, the amazon fire stick is a strong streaming device that helps to plug into an HDTV and makes customers or enable customers to have access to movies as many as they can including TV shows, games or apps.

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  • the Amazon is of the view that the fire stick gives over 1000s of movies, sports, games, and music. This selection is from the Bollywood latest movies.
  • Amazon fire sticks parental controls; this also comes with parental control setting that prevents access to the system by some kinds of people including children. Indication by the companies are of the view that all the videos, music games and lots more that are from the Amazon including the Amazon app store come along with the maturity ranging from the age group
  • Amazon fire sticks ease of use; the Amazon also noted that the amazon fire stick comes before it is registered and as such the users don’t need to possess the process of registration of the device involve before making use of it. The most necessary part that the users would need to do is to get connected to a TV including the wifi.
  • Amazon fire stick track data usage; with the help of the track data usage, the users can as well keep a maintenance of check into ones data consumption using fire stick . with this also, users can pick their choice of preferred to manage the data use. Also, the users can as well make settings of their fire stick to make them aware of the data use is exceeded.
  • The Amazon fire stick voice search remote; this is known to be a neutral part of the amazon fire stick and this makes or enables the user to reply instantly in order for the users to easily search for the Amazon video, music games, and others inclusively making use of their voice

How to Install Android play store Apps on the FireStick

The Amazon fire stick is an operating system that helps to enhance version of googles in android which means that you can make use of an android app and not necessarily get the play store that is available.. the followings are the steps to install an app that is not on the amazon firestick

  • First of all, go to setting-device-developer-options then ADB debugging-apps from unknown sources and make a change to on
  • The next step is to download Apps2fire on any android phones or tablet
  • The next thing to do is to download the app you want to side load on the fire stick
  • Then you go to Apps2fire- setup then search fire as long as both devices are connected to the same wifi
  • Then the Appps2fire cant find the fire stick, you will need to enter the IP address manually
  • And immediately you android and the fire stick are connected, go to app2fireire stick app.



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