Amazon FBA Review – Selling on Amazon

Amazon FBA is one of the most popular ways to earn money online via selling of products. Almost over 2 million people sell their products on Amazon worldwide, and everyone can list a product for sale either it is an item you made your self or a product you no longer want or simply something that you have purchased wholesale. If you are enrolled in the FBA program, then you can automate order fulfillment by taking advantage of Amazon’s fulfillment services and advance shipping.

From Amazon’s coveted prime customers you can earn more shares as well. Almost half of the sales which takes place on Amazon come from third-party sellers. And out of the top 10,000 sellers in the world, about 65% of them uses Amazon FBA.

The FBA which stands for fulfillment by Amazon operates and works in the following ways:

  1. You will send the product you wish to sell to Amazon.
  2. They will help you to store your products in their shore house or warehouse.
  3. When a customer orders your products from Amazon, the Amazon helps you to picks the order, packs it, ship the products and tracks the order too.
  4. They also deal with refunds and returns.

The Amazon charges you both fulfillment fees and storage fees as it all comes with a token and price. Therefore these charges include; access to one of the most advanced and largest fulfillment networks in the universe, Amazon’s stellar 24 hours customer service daily and the cost of shipping items AMD products to the customers.

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Advantages of selling via Amazon FBA

This FBA program is one of the top ways to get your products in front of plenty of people and it helps to grow your business. Here are some of the biggest benefits and advantages you get when working with Amazon FBA:

  1. They have good customer’s service management.
  2. Possession of Very large unlimited storage space.
  3. Helps in the fulfillment of orders from other channels.
  4. They deliver the products to the customers on time and very fast.
  5. They have effortless shipping and logistics.
  6. Manage the customer return shipping label, reverse logistics and inquiries.
  7. They have discounted shipping rates.

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Disadvantages of selling via Amazon FBA

Although Amazon is a fantastic selling machine worldwide, there are some things you have to take note of which are:

  1. The sales tax can be very difficult.
  2. The product prep can be very difficult.
  3. Commingling can be very scary.
  4. The FBA is expensive and it cost money.
  5. You may be seeing more returns.
  6. The tracking inventory can be hard and difficult.
  7. There are long term storage fees.

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Ways to sell products on amazon successfully

  1. Research about competitors in order to find a profitable product.
  2. Be confident and smart about the product you want to sell.
  3. You should consider bundling the products.
  4. You can start little.
  5. Create your own brand.
  6. Make use of good SEO practices.
  7. Get excellent products pictures.
  8. Optimize the title of the products.
  9. Optimize the bullet points.
  10. Have an in-depth product description.
  11. Ensure to answer questions from customers.
  12. Check for reviews.
  13. Ensure to chose the right repricing program.
  14. Ensure you use Amazon Marketing Services.
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