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If you are quite observant, you will discover that Amazon just began contracting deliveries via different regional carriers. The contact information for these carriers is available and at the same time, we equally have that of national carriers. As for the national carriers, some of them make use of regional carriers in delivering your goods. You should know when this takes place, your tracking information is likely to not reflect on the website of the national carrier.

amazon carrier tracking

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Information about the shipping carrier

Tracking Doesn’t Match Carrier’s Website

It is not difficult to notice little differences in the tracking information you have in your Account and the carrier website details. If you notice, every carrier have and equally uses the language of their own language to point out the statues of different shipment. They try to make the update in your account very simple for easy understanding.

Contact information and Carrier Tracking

If you want to track a parcel, this can simply be done by finding track information and order details. Amazon helps you keep up with the latest information concerning tracking and this is within your orders. The only way you can access the tracking is simply clicking the ‘’Track Package’’ button. Now in the event that you would like to inform the carrier who is to deliver your parcel, the details of the contact is available. All you need to do is get the details and contact them.

There are instances whereby specialty carriers such as ABF, CEVA, Pilot or XPO is used in to ship in some exceptional items that are heavy or large. It may also interest you to know that for standard deliveries to places like Hawaii and Alaska, you will need the help of parcel pool. For deliveries to Seattle, OnTrac is needed here and it is also used for the same day. We have other carrier tracking information and if you take your time to find them carefully, you would get it.

Packages that are undeliverable

There are times where packages are returned to them because they are not delivered as it is supposed to be. Now when the carrier comes back as a package that is undelivered, you should be rest assured that your money will be refunded back to you fully and that also includes your shipping charges. It is stated on the site that any order returned as undeliverable cannot be reshipped. In case you are still interested in purchasing back that undelivered item, all you need to do is simply place a new order.

The reasons for packages that are undelivered

There are several reasons why some packages are returned as undelivered and we will take our time to highlight those reasons.

  • When the format of the address is not recognized, for example entering the wrong format of a post office box address.
  • When there is missing information or the address is not correct. For example, a missing information like a number or ZIP code or when a previous address is outdated.

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  • A situation where the address is too big for a P.O. Box. For a heavy item, it is advisable to give a street address.
  • When there is no secure location to leave your item, to make it secured from weather and make it unknown from a passer-by. This particular one is such that in a situation where the package is damaged on its ways to be delivered, the person in charge may return the package without going ahead to deliver the package.
  • When it is refused by a recipient because they are not expecting a package. This is simply because they believe it was sent to them in error.
  • Packages can be returned if there is no access code, buzzer information or call box number to use in locating the delivery location.

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Amazon carrier has done and still doing a lot to make things better for every customer. This is a certainty that has been issued to all customer and they will by no means go back on their standard.



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