Amazon Associates Program
Amazon is no longer a hidden marketplace, if you have to mention the world’s biggest marketplaces, you will surely mention Amazon. It is widely known and reported that many big companies, bloggers use Amazon to market and at the same time sell their products. Amazon affiliate program is arguably the most popular affiliate program on planet earth. The very reason why Amazon is so big and well known is simply that they have a lot of people who belong to their program and they make cool money selling products from Amazon.

amazon associates

It is known that the Amazon Associate program pays up to 15 percent of the amount of the sale and this also depends on the kind of sale you make. A lot of people knows that this is a sure way to make good money. This is seriously working out for as many people who are involved. Many testimonies have been given concerning this and I would advise people to go become an affiliate of Amazon.

This has really been of help to those who are gadgets or mobile blogger. It takes few minutes like 15 minutes from your time to get the best of mobile deals and this can be done through Amazon affiliate. This is to add substantial additional income.

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There are some frequently asked questions which concern amazon associates. These questions are common amongst those who are involved in Amazon affiliate. The questions are attended to as it should be.

What is the Amazon Associate commission percentage?

The sure way to becoming a very successful affiliate marketer is not just selling products which sales is paid a high percentage. What you need to do is simply find a reputable company like Amazon and sell your products to them. Amazon falls between the range of 4% and 8.5%. This answers the question above.

It is very likely that some other programs which are also affiliate might turn away their eyes when it comes to using techniques that are undermining to make sales with their product. Amazon’s reputation is to protect and will not allow any techniques that is against the set down rules. This is simply because Amazon has lay down rules you have to go by in their operating agreement when you are set out to market their business.

Amazon Associates | How does Amazon Conversion Rates work?

There is one thing that gets my feet up being an Amazon affiliate is the fact that all you need to do is invite your readers to click the link and Amazon will surely attend to the remaining one. Amazon has improved their system and this includes their own review sections on their products. This is also with the compared price and with images of products from everywhere. If your readers find your information very accurate, good and trustworthy then the rate of your conversion will even be higher.

Amazon Associates | The benefits of taking part in the Associates Program?

There are many benefits that come along with Associates Program with Website owners which include the ability to generate revenue on their own site. Here there is a good number of meaningful products to further from Amazon’s huge selection.  There are easy tools to use easy, create and customize the links that work very good. The affiliate account also shows you detailed reports to aid you in understanding what your visitors’ prefers best and link performance. There is a platform created to interact an association with and the opportunity to chat well with a community that is broad.

Amazon Associates | What does it cost anything to become an Associate?

If you want to apply, there is no charge attached to it. Here there is no limit to the requirement of referral you must get to before taking referral fee. With no delay, you start earning immediately.


Amazon is a source of money for anybody that has created affiliate websites or anybody who is thinking towards joining the affiliate market. I would advise people to go into it. With tons of traffic to your website you should be able to earn a lot from sales commission using Amazon affiliate marketing