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Amazon Account is a place where personal information is stored which makes it easier for you to check-in and make purchases as you like.

amazon account services

Amazon account has so many features and these features are really worth it. We will highlight and explain all the features that it offers.

Your payment method

You will find it very easy to handle such that you can maneuver it by viewing and editing any method of current payment. After that, you can still go ahead and add another method of payment which is new.

Your Personal Information

Here, it is also made possible to view and also edit your personal contact information, some of the things which you can do like that are phone number and address. You can also set communication preferences for subscriptions of email. This is so flexible that people find it very interesting.

Area of Billing & Cost Management Console

It is made possible to always view charges given currently and every activity going on in your account, service itemization. In as much you can view your current charges, you should also know that you can also view the statements of your previous months’ billing. All these are available in the area of billing and cost management console.

The Identity of AWS and Management of Access

There is something very interesting here and it is the possibility of creating multiple users and after creating them, you can equally ask for the permission and you will be granted the access to manage each of these Users. This can be done just within your AWS Account.

Consolidated Billing

This platform has made it possible to receive one bill for people who manage multiple AWS Accounts, I want you to know that there are cost breakdowns for each account. It may also interest you to know that usage is combined and it will help you to quickly reach lower-priced volume tiers.

The activities of DevPay

The activities of Devpay is to view costs and revenue for the products of your Amazon DevPay. It will not just view cost and revenue but also manage the products of your Amazon DevPay. This feature is to help you.

Account Management

This feature also helps you view the services which you are signed up for, you can also add new services. Everyone is happy with the fact that you can cancel your services whenever you want to.

Security Credentials

First of all, Amazon is concerned about you such that they think about you first. What Amazon Web Services does is to practically use access identifiers to authenticate requests to AWS and it is their job to help you identify the sender of every request. Now we will show you the three types of identifiers that are available

  • AWS Access Key Identifiers
  • 509 Certificates
  • Key pairs.
  • Reports on Usage

This service is there and also to make you easily download usage reports for each of the services you are subscribed to. This type of reports is made available such that it can be customized by showing usage types, the operation of service, timeframe and lots more.


it is clear to everyone that before you have access to any website, you must first of all go through the login page made available. In this, the opportunity to edit login, name and mobile number is also made available. This sounds interesting…isn’t it?

Email Alerts, Messages, and Ads

This service provides a lot of benefits to every customer who accesses Amazon. Some of the services are

  • Advertising preferences
  • Communication preferences
  • Email
  • Shipment update through text
  • Message center


This enables you to view benefits that come your way and at the same time view payment settings. This is possible through prime.

There are more ways to pay which are

  • 1-Click settings
  • Allowances
  • Amazon credit cards
  • Amazon Pay
  • Coupons
  • Amazon Coins
  • No rush reward balance
  • Shop with points
  • Ordering and shopping preferences
  • AmazonFresh settings
  • Amazon tax exemption program
  • Archived orders
  • Download order reports
  • Language settings
  • Lists
  • Profile
  • Pet Profile

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