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 Are you one of those that what he does every day is gisting, gossiping viewing people’s status updates and just using WhatsApp for the fun of it? There is more you can use your WhatsApp to do and gain more benefits from it than just fun. Yet you are still running around looking for ways to make money when there is one way at your fingertips. Have you heard of WhatsApp TV? I guess not, or rather you just heard about it and that is why you are reading this.

Therefore, now you are going to learn about a new feature on WhatsApp that can earnyou some thousand bucks. And that is WhatsApp television (or rather, popularly refers to now as WhatsApp TV)

What is WhatsApp TV

From the sound of it (WhatsApp TV) you may think it is some kind of app. No…it is no new app.

Whatsapp TV is a subset of WhatsApp account branded to sharing things to entertain, inform educate people and so on. As a WhatsApp user, you can create a branded account of WhatsApp TV that entertain, inform or educate people via status updates. This may take your mind to your normal WhatsApp status feature… that may be true yet still different from your normal status account. On WhatsApp TV, you can place adverts of products for sale either for yourself or you advertise for affiliate companies. In addition, the more status views you get the more income you earn. However, to have all these work you need to grow your contact list. Follow carefully to get a full understanding of WhatsApp TV and how it works.

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How WhatsApp TV works

You know about your WhatsApp status and how people view your status post, which is mainly of photos, or videos, that is how WhatsApp TV is. The difference is that you may seek to keep viewers entertained so as to generate traffic to your status and make them view your business adverts and then get some contacts. And as I said earlier, you need to grow your contacts, because that is what determines the number of views you will get on your status posts. And the more viewers you get the more income you are guaranteed to earn

This whole business is just like blogging though different from blogging in lots of ways. But is it in that you earn for sponsored posts and adverts depends on the number of your social networks and contacts.

How to create a WhatsApp TV account

To have a WhatsApp TV account you need some important things at hand to get you started.

  • Such are a good smartphone, your unique business logo, name you want to give to your WhatsApp TV account and a WhatsApp business account.
  • To be able to have a WhatsApp business account you need to have the WhatsApp business app. simply visit your Google play store to download and install the WhatsApp business app.
  • After downloading, launch the app and follow the necessary step to create an account
  • You will be required to enter the phone number you want to use for the WhatsApp TV and a link will be sent to you to verify
  • After verifying, you will be asked to select a name and picture you want for the account.
  • Enter the name you have chosen for the WhatsApp TV and the logo and then click next.
  • And congrats… you have just created a WhatsApp TV account.


Anybody can earn using WhatsApp TV, you just need the right mindset and a niche or speciality that can sell. When you start posting, just make sure to keep your viewers busy by constantly posting updates and feed them properly considering your purpose.

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