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Alibaba is one of the largest wholesale website found online. It is the biggest e-commerce website in the world. Alibaba is known for the sales of countless brands all over the world which fills up their online stores with products. But the biggest market place is not perfect due to the fact that not all suppliers are reputable and some products arrive with absolutely nothing compared to what is in their picture.

Alibaba is a wholesale market place whereby products are sold very affordable and in bulk. In this shopping site, you can buy just a single product if you negotiate with the supplier and the product will be sold to you. It gives the opportunity to work directly with a manufacturer which you will be able to get a very high discount and also create your own custom from the beginning using your own design.

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Difference between Alibaba and Amazon

Amazon and Alibaba are the two largest e-commerce online website in the world. There are differences between Alibaba and Amazon from an entrepreneur’s perspective.

Alibaba is an online wholesale marketplace website where entrepreneurs buy their products while Amazon is an online store for entrepreneurs sells their products.

The following features will show you the difference between Amazon and Alibaba. 

Amazon features

  1. products are not bought on Amazon but you can sell your products on Amazon.
  2. And if you don’t have a business already but you want to sell Amazon product, then you need to be accepted into the Amazon associates. Therefore you will receive a commission for selling products.
  3. lastly, as an affiliate, you can sell a brand name product on their Amazon online store.

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Alibaba features

  1. products are bought at wholesale prices on this site and sold on other platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Facebook groups, jet, and eBay.
  2. entrepreneurs make huge profits from selling their products because Alibaba has lower products pricing.
  3. entrepreneurs can create their own brand as the products sold on this platform are non-branded.

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How to shop from Alibaba without a company

The following steps below will teach you how to open an account on Alibaba without a company:

  1. open your device browser and type in and search. When the page opens you click on “Join Free”.
  2. Afterward, enter your email address and verify but if you don’t want your inbox to be clogged up with supplier emails then it is advisable not to use a personal or main account.
  3. you will fill out your basic personal information on the form that will be given i.e last name, first name, password, confirm password, location, phone number, username, and space which states company name, you can write any name you want as the site will never ask of that again.
  4. when the form is filled with the necessary information, then you will confirm it which completes the opening of your new Alibaba account. You can now start buying products from Alibaba and also negotiate with suppliers.

How to buy products from Alibaba

Step 1: Select a niche on Alibaba

There are six methods that will guide you on how to find niche ideas which are namely: trend hunter, Google trends, products lists, Amazon, Twitter and lastly product everywhere. Once you search for the website listed above it will help you in choosing a niche.

Step 2: Choose a supplier

In choosing a supplier, you have to find the following:

  • Run a search on suppliers.
  • Type in the product you want.
  • Narrow your search.
  • Check each supplier individually.

Step 3:

  • Choose a product
  • Contact the supplier from Alibaba
  • lastly, check your order.
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