Alexa – How to Setup Alexa Amazon Echo

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to just speak out and have your devices respond to you without you having to go through the stress of touching them? Voice commands are a thrill because it saves you the trouble of doing it yourself and that is what you get with Alexa amazon echo. With Alexa , you have an excellent voice assistant at your beck and call.

The digital assistant called Alexa echo does so many things; such as assist in your shopping, smart home control, it can play your music when you request, report the weather, read out your audiobooks and so much more. Alexa echo is efficient enough to play radio stations, stream music from services, set alarms, make calls to contacts on your phone and play music. I mentioned earlier, it also control smart home devices and it does all of this on your command only.

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Features of Alexa Amazon echo

Admit it, it would be cool to just speak up and say ‘Alexa, play Justin Beiber’ and then boom! Justin Beiber songs spill through the speaker and when you find the music loud, you can just ask Alexa once again to tone it down to volume 4 and Alexa will obey you right away.

You can even ask Alexa what the weather is going to be like today and Alexa echo will readily inform you about what to expect.

Days when you’re too lazy to get off the bed and set an alarm but you really need to if you plan on getting up early. All you have to do is ask Alexa to set the Alarm to whatever time you want and you know the best part? You can still ask Alexa echo to snooze the Alarm if you want to savour those extra minutes in bed. Interested, right? Follow up and you will learn how to set up Alexa echo in your home.


An important fact you need to know is that our efficient voice assistant, only works with Amazon Echo. This device is designed to hear your voice command irrespective of the background noise, once you have the Amazon echo device, then you can now proceed to set up Alexa ech.

  1. First, you need to download the Alexa App off your play store or App store. If you intend to use the Alexa app on your computer/laptop, then you need to visit the Amazon Alexa website to download the app.
  2. Once you download the app, visit the menu, go to the setting link and click it. It will then lead you to an option to set up your device.
  3. When you choose that option, it allows you to pick the type of Amazon echo you’re going to be using.
  4. Once you do this, then plug in your Echo device and just relax while waiting. Alexa will go through a cycle of displaying a spinning blue light.
  5. Wait for it to turn orange because that’s how you know Alexa is ready for you. Once that is all done with, Alexa’s voice will come up informing you that the device is all geared up and ready to be set up.
  6. This means that your device is ready to be paired. So you have to connect the app to your Wi-Fi, you can choose to store this setting and be used at all times whenever you want to pair up new Amazon echo devices.
  7. Anytime you want to pair your Echo device with your Amazon Echo, open the app and press the button at the top to pair.

Congratulations, your Alexa echo is set up and ready to fulfil your voice commands. To be sure that is really all set up and working well, you can test it by giving it a simple command. Be aware that you always have to call the wake word ‘Alexa’ before every command or Alexa echo will not recognize your command because it won’t realize you’re addressing it.

You can also change the wake word ‘Alexa’ by opening the app and clicking ‘help and feedback’ it will give you a list of option, simply tap on ‘change the wake word’, it allows you to either change it to ‘Echo’, ‘Computer’ or ‘Amazon’; nothing else.


Explore your days with Alexa to assist you in your day to day life, you can thank me later. If you found this article helpful to you on how to set up Alexa or you have some questions you would like us to answer for you, reach out to us by dropping a comment below.

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