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About Techyrevs

Founded in 2017, Techyrevs is a web technology blog focused on bringing you the latest tech updates, tutorials, phone reviews and much more. Our mission is to help users better understand what goes on in the tech world, with regular tech updates, tutorials and gadgets (phones) Review.

Techyrevs was founded by Obas, with a vision of bringing Technology updates to people especially Nigerians. We are in the information age and a lot of countries don’t seem technologically inclined. This is because of lack of awareness and the increasing interest and trends in the entertainment industries.

On techyrevs, we scour the internet and bring to you the latest tech updates. Also with much focus on Tech startup, Socials, Tech product reviews and much more.

Information you get on Techyrevs

As years fast approaches and closes, a lot of changes has happened, especially the year 2017. Discoveries, contributions, and advancement were done on products and services, with Google, Apple, and other tech companies as a major contributor.

With the fast pace of these changes, people need to follow up on what’s trending/happening in their society. These changes, people should be able to reject or incorporate it into their daily lives. Techyrev’s is the foremost site for keeping up with these latest updates.

Our goal is not just to randomly pick out articles, but to carefully pick out and package it as simple as possible for better understanding. And our team members put much effort to make sure you are never disappointed with updates from our site.

How to reach out to us

We are always available online, as our team members are constantly looking for information that will be useful to you from around the world.

You can contact us by filling information on any page on the website, or also check out our contact us page. We are also active on our social media pages and you can reach out to us from there.

About the CEO of Techyrevs

Obadoba Yunusa is an engineer and a blogger with over 2 years experience in blogging. Some of his work can be gotten from Techswip and Kikmania.

He is currently doing his Masters in Engineering management in one of the most prestigious universities in Nigeria. Besides blogging, he also has a passion for games. You can reach out to him via email: obadobay@gmail.com or Facebook.

Other Members of the Team

  1. Sadiq Abdulalim. Sadiq is a trained and talented SEO copywriter. He’s also a Nigerian based blogger and writer. He holds the post of updating this blog with latest blog posts and He’s the brain behind the how-tos articles on the blog.
  2. Obadoba Nene. Nene is the social media promoter, for now, she’s a Social media consultant and the media manager of the blog.

This set of guys are here to solve your technology issue. Consult them at any time… you can visit the contact page for their contact and consultation. techyrevs@gmail.com.