7 Best Technology Job Search Sites

The worst part about getting a job is actually hunting the job up. Sometimes you could search for miles upon miles and never see a single vacancy. But we’re in a digital age and technology has made it all better. But sometimes knowing which site is actually legit and not just out to waste your valuable time is pretty hard.

It gets even hard to find the right site when you’re looking for a site that deals with specialized careers, so you can showcase your unique skills. In this article, we’ll be listing 7 of the best search site for technology jobs so you can easily find that job you’re looking for.

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Indeed is a huge search engine for job vacancies, one may even call it the Google of jobs. The site lists out jobs based on specific keywords from corporate websites and job boards. These keywords help make your job search more precise and much more efficient. Indeed is a job website with millions of vacancies from different associations, company career sites, job boards, newspapers and also, other online websites for job vacancies.

Indeed allows you to upload your resume so you can get a resume link to share with prospective employers. On indeed, you can research salaries, set up job alert and use the site’s job search app in your mobile job search. There aare many technology jobs available on this site which you will find using the right keywords.


Linkedin is popular for connecting professionals from around the world to make them more successful and industrious. This makes it the largest internet professional network in the world. On linkedin, you can make contact with employers who are advertising job vacancies and also follow companies of interest. You can slot in samples of your resumes within your profile to showcase your skills to potential employers.

Linkedin is a great platform for candidates who want employers to find them. To make Linkedin work for you, it is advised that you upload a complete and descriptive profile. This helps you to get more hits from prospective employers. Technology companies are vast on this website and with the right profile, they will find you.


Dice is one of the largest job vacancy website which focuses more on technical jobs. There are so many types of technical jobs listed on this site and should be a major choice for you if you’re searching for a highly specific tech job vacancy. Whether it is part time, regular or contract tech jobs, Dice is a great place to search.

Dice also offers tech news and career advice to users. You can also get salary information, story cover, letters and resumes, upload resumes and track jobs on Dice. It also allows you to search jobs by employment type, location, company, specific keywords and job titles. Dice is the place to be for technology job seekers.

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This is another site for tech jobs especially data analysts. It advertises vacancies for some of the biggest tech companies around the world like E*trade, Sprint, Dell and much more. The website covers vacancies like data analyst, modelling director, system engineer, application developer and more.

Icrunchdata allows you to apply to jobs directly or upload your resume on the site so you can be available to hiring companies. It also offers a news site where you can keep up with the latest trend in technology and news from experts in leading tech industries.


Monster is one of the best technology job search site. It has a very wide range of vacancies in most or all the branches of technology. As a monster user, you can search and apply for jobs online. You can also review the profile of various companies, post your resume and get career advices and salary information.

As a tech job seeker, companies can find your resumes on the site and reach out to you. Although, because of the popularity of the monster website; job vacancies get hundreds of applicants daily.


This site is great for tech job seekers focusing on information technology. When you create a profile on Hired and provide your complete and detailed resume, it matches you to the right job opportunities. Also, companies can find you and if you’re interested, they reach out to you for an interview. If you get hired, there is an offered 300$ up for grabs.

Hired also provides talent advocates on their site to prepare you for interviews if you are interested. It is a top site for tech job hunters because of its vast assortment of vacancies.


Github is another technology job search site for tech job hunters, especially those who are into coding. It has a wide list of directories which allows it feedback results to you when you search for a job on its site.

Github also helps experience professionals find high paying jobs from around the world because it caters to job seekers beyond the US. It is a great job seeking resource for developers specifically.


Where you look for a job can give you an edge over your many competitors. Also, when you begin your job search on one of these technology job search sites, then you’re well on your way.

It is advised that you don’t limit your search to just one of the website to provide you with better chances of finding a job. Who knows? You might be the next bright mind the tech industry needs to take it to the next level.

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