6 Best Technology Selling Sites

Sometimes you could use the extra cash that comes with selling tech items and gadgets, it’s not just you; people now sell things online and make money easily but the question about which websites are best for selling technology items is a gnawing question in so many people’s mind. Trust me when I say you’re not alone in wondering which the top technology selling sites to try out are.

People are selling things online these days because it doesn’t matter how profitable your products are if the volume of customers in your marketplace is low. This is why we have put together a list of six top technology selling sites you can try out.

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Amazon is one of the best and popular sites for buying and selling things online. When you choose to sell a tech item on Amazon, other Amazon users can view it and choose to buy from you. You even have a choice of selling directly to Amazon through their trade-in program and in return, you are given an Amazon gift card.

To sell your tech items or gadgets on Amazon, you are asked some questions about the condition of the product, your address and the shipping label which will be on your box because Amazon is not responsible for your shipping box.


Ebay is a popular online auction site where you can sell your tech items; Ebay has millions of users which makes its marketplace wide enough to sell your gadgets. You can just search the item you would like to sell and then choose to auction your item on the page.

To sell an item on Ebay, you will need to upload photos of the tech item, provide descriptions and choose your shipping selection. Ebay helps in calculating the shipping cost if you can’t do it by yourself.


Gazelle is one of the top technology selling sites because it takes most of the selling work out of your hand. Gazelle offers to buy whatever tech item you wish to sell in exchange for a paypal credit, Amazon gift card or a check. You can even choose to collect payment in form of Gazelle credit so you can buy another item through them and the shipping to Gazelle is free.

Gazelle also offers kiosks where you can add items to get quick cash. All you need to do is find a kiosk close to you and you can trade your tech items in person. To sell tech items on Gazelle, you will need to answer a questionnaire online so as to provide them with adequate information about the tech item you intend to sell.


The facebook marketplace hasn’t been around for long but it is fast becoming a fast site for selling tech items. It is quite easy to use because it only requires that you have a facebook account. The whole idea of the marketplace is to enable buying and selling between people in the same area.

Once you visit the site, you need to click the ‘sell something’ link provided and on the page it directs you to, provide useful information about the tech item you wish to sell. You can choose to get paid through Facebook or any other method you’re comfortable with. All in all, facebook marketplace offers you a high volume of customers because millions of people use facebook daily.


Buy back buys tech items from sellers in need of a quick buyer. It buys back whatever item you would like to sell whether it is laptops, camera, smartphones, gaming consoles, streaming devices, wearable tech, wireless hotspot, smart home devices and more, Buy back buys and pays in Paypal credit or check.

All you need to do is visit the site and search for the item you would like to sell, it instructs you to answer questions about the item like the condition which could be new, excellent, poor/broken or average. Then Buy back asks you to print you shipping label and if you can’t, it allows you request for a shipping kit. Another best part of buy back world is that if your item is qualifies, you can choose to get paid the very next day after they receive the item.


Craiglist is a top technology selling site that offers a huge marketplace for the tech item you would like to sell. All you have to do is visit the site, search for the item you would like to sell, provide the necessary information about the item and prospective buyers will contact you.

Although, it is advised that you be careful when selling on craiglist as there are many horror stories of scammers on the site but still, it is one of the best online selling sites available.


Selling has been made easier with so many sites where you can list your items and get buyers without even stepping out of your home, and if you’re in doubt about where to start, you can dive into the list of 6 top technology selling sites above. Any queries or comment can be directed to us in the comment session below and we’ll get back to you.

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