6 Best Technology Forum Sites

The internet is fast becoming a platform where people connect and share ideas with one another. This is because almost 50% of the world population use the internet according to the World Wide Web Consortium. A lot of people are searching for platforms where they can share their ideas with like-minded people.

So if you’re such a person who is interested in technology and would like to find forums with tech enthusiast like you, then below is a list of five of the best technology forum site for tech business and discussions.

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Website: www.cnet.com

Cnet is a tech news website which also has a platform where users can participate in discussions about technology online and even initiate such conversations. The topics of discussion could vary from electronic gadgets to software, smartphones, computer, operating system, hardware and so much more.

This tech forum contains some experts who you can get tech support from in case of any issue and this is why CNET is a leading site because it aims to help people in different ways.


This is a forum site where tech discussions go on. It is a platform where you can contribute to discussions about technology. Initiate such discussions, ask questions about computer technology or respond to such questions. The topics discussed center around computer hardware like the motherboards, storage cards, CPUs, graphic cards and more.

It is an active forum with more than 2 million members. And it even offers a sub-forum where discussions about software like games, apps, antivirus, operating system and the likes of it takes place. Anyone interested in technology is bound to gain knowledge from the discussion on these forums.


PC Advisor forum is a platform which covers many discussions related to electronic devices such as smartphones, computers and even Iphones. To participate in this forum, you are required to sign up and become a registered member.

Once you are a registered member, you can then ask questions you wish which is related to electronic devices and members of this forum will respond with answers to your questions. You can also take part in discussions and answer questions too.


This is one of the top technology forum sites. It was created so people who are into technology will have an opportunity to have discussions related to technology. The topic discussed on this forum sites could be computer software and hardware, computer technology, security and also, gaming and internet.

As a matter of fact, there are numerous discussions about every minute area of technology on this forum. It also offers an area where members can have discussions not related to the topics discussed.

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This forum is a platform where you can take part in discussions about racing technology. The topics surround technologies related to racing and some topics which are commonly discussed on the forum include electric on-road and electric off-road, nitro on-road and nitro off-road, monster trucks, planes, helicopters and even industry news.

On R/C Tech forum, you need to create an account before you can take part in conversations or initiate such discussions.


The country where a forum is created is inconsequential as to who can join and even participate in such forum. This is because discussions in tech forums take place in English so anyone from around the world irrespective of nationality can participate. So, to connect with fellow tech aficionados; simpl join one of the best technology forum sites listed above.

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