6 Best Technology Article Submission Site

If you’re a digital marketer, then you know the importance of article submission sites. They are the sites that allow you to submit quality, well-informed articles to improve the ranking of your blog or website on search engines.

If you’re an expert in a certain field with informative, unique articles to share and can’t seem to find the right website to post and draw readers to your website then this article is for you. If that field is technology then your pick of websites become pretty slick because finding the right website related to your field can be difficult.

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This article will be presenting you with six of the best technology article submission sites. These sites have the right audience that will appreciate and value your quality, insightful and informative audience.


This is one of the best technology article submission sites, which is also popular for its technical news and vacancy information for tech job seekers. It is also a great article submission site and the submission is free. Because of its thousands of viewers, Github helps your technology article get the right audience, good ratings and can direct traffic to your website.


Ezine which is also known as Electronic magazine is an online magazine in which you can submit articles on their site. It is a place to promote your content. Whatever it is because the website offers a wide array of content to its readers. It is one of the biggest sites online because of its wide audience and the best part about it is that it is completely free. There is no cost to publish your article so you can get a good audience base.


If you excel at tutorial articles, then this is the place for you because a lot of people are continually searching the internet for how-to articles and that is what Ehow focuses on. It answers how-to question no matter the content because it offers tutorial on variety of topics.

A lot of people submit their tutorial articles to Ehow because that is the best place to get considerable audience for such articles. If you write how-to articles therefore, then don’t miss out on getting your article on Ehow.


This website covers everything relating to technology from health technologies, cloud tech, games, wearable tech, tech enterprises and so much more. So if you have a technology related article, then venturebeat is more than ready to accommodate you. It also offers a considerable audience base as it has over 8 million users.

Because of its uniqueness and popularity among tech experts and bigwigs like Mark Zuckerberg, it only picks articles that are clear and unique in their contents. The content could be advancing a theory or making a strong argument for a tech-related issue. Venturebeat picks articles like this because its aim is to provoke its readers into discussions.


This is a popular technology site which focuses on start-up news. So, your articles must be about new technologies, start-up technology companies and also, breaking news about technologies. The best articles only are chosen, so your article needs to be unique, quality and very informative about start-up trends, entrepreneurial companies and new products.


Squidoo is popular for its symbol of a squid with huge eye. It caters to a very high point of web showcasing. It allows you create your webpage and add content which you find intriguing. Squidoo accepts technology news and helps you advance your own website because of its considerable size of content readers.


There are so many technology article submission sites out there and getting your article on the right site is very important. You can check out the list of technology article submission sites  above. If you have any query, then leave a comment behind in the comment session below and we’ll be glad to get back to you.

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