6 Best Football Prediction Apps for Android

Predicting how football matches end is not an easy task to carry out. You have to be at your best and most time, you have to go by your instincts. To make things much easier, lots of developers have created football prediction apps which saves you time and lots of thinking.

Because of how betting is taking over the world, it has become really important to predict football matches right so you can get paid for your predictions.

This article gives you six of the best football prediction apps which will help you get your predictions right and the money rolling in.

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This app forecast football matches results and it is absolutely free. It makes its prediction based on the latest news on different football teams and also statistical data.

These statistical data are collected from the statistics of the season for each team. Also, goals in the season, latest match statistics, clarification of the point, goals, league and Home/Away statistics.

Download the Android app from the PlayStore here.


Betting tips was created to help people make extra cash on the side from football predictions. That is why it is one of the best football prediction apps. The team is made up of football betting experts who are passionate and analyzes all the opportunities that have a high win rate. The team continually study football betting tips daily so as to select the matches with big odds and highest win probability.

They daily analyze latest status of teams, the technical team changes, penalties, players’ private lives, weather conditions of matches, injuries of football players and much more. This is to give statistical football betting tips to help you predict correctly and win.

Download for Android on the Playstore here.


This social prediction app makes the list of the best football prediction apps because it is a cross-platform that delivers valuable information to its users. To enable them make the best prediction of the results of games. This prediction app covers more than just football but also key sport events.

It is a cross-platform because it allows you connect with other users who share your interest. The app also helps you predict by giving expert opinions on players conditions. It even allows you to earn virtual coins when you correctly predict the result of matches.

Download the Android app here


This football prediction app makes its prediction based on a machine-learning algorithm. These algorithm analyzes over 300 streams of football betting statistics and results.

It also compares the mood of football players by searching for signals in social networks around them. And then, the betting statistics generated is joined with detailed analysis and prediction applications analytics to produce the right odds. This assures you that your prediction is gotten from real data and not just random numbers thrown together.

Download the Android app here


This football prediction app is also one of the best football prediction apps because its prediction are calculated using criteria such as the teams current ranking, their performance in the last 10 games and so much more. These statistics are taken for home/away with high weight and these statistics are adjusted continuously during the season for better results.

This prediction app calculate predictions for standard betting, double chances and also bets for both teams to score, it also predicts by the probability of home wins. This, it provides lots of predictions and you can choose the prediction you find more suitable for you. Football prediction prima tip covers more than 150 leagues and football tournaments from more than 90 countries.

Download the Android app here


This is a prediction app that comes with a clean and simple design, the interface is user-friendly and so allows you get the idea after browsing the menus a couple of times. There is a stats menu that allows you see how well previous matches have been predicted, it uses statistical details and mathematical prediction algorithm to provide you with accurate prediction.

This prediction app is free to use and supports major football league around the world, it also updates its statistical data daily so as to keep giving correct predictions.

Download Android app from here


Predictions are never completely 100% accurate and there is no assurance that you would be right but it sure helps to have a prediction app do the heavy thinking for you and that is why this article provides you with 6 of the best football prediction apps to keep you busy.

If you have any questions or would like to add your own best football prediction app, then leave a comment below.

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