5 Top Technology Training Sites

It’s a digital age we live in and tech skills are required in most of the workplaces. Sometimes the edge your competitor in a job hunt has over you are tech skills which are in demand and it just sucks to be the one left behind.


The good news is it’s not too late to learn and the fact that it is the digital age has made it all the easier for you. The 21st century comes armed with many online training sites where you can quickly get those tech skills in no time.

Although, online training sites have gathered a lot of condemnation about its success. These five top technology training sites will help you learn about the latest technology and add to your tech skills. It requires just a laptop and an internet connection to get started.

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1. EdX

This is an online learning site which offers university level courses and is created by schools, corporations and non-profit organization. These courses are free to users and it includes courses from Harvard and MIT. In fact, it is an extension of MIT’s open lectures. All you need to do is browse through and pick a technical course you would like.

It offers videos and an interactive session where you can interact with other students. Reach out to teaching assistants and ask questions. A certificate is issued to you at the end of your training so you can present it as proof that you acquired the tech skill set.


Learning how to code has become an important tech skill in this computer works. Codeacademy offers you a site to train effectively in coding so as to sharpen you programming skills. This online training site assists you in learning coding and is free to use.

It also offers an interactive platform where you can discuss with your peers while working on small projects. Also, it does not give out certificates for skills learnt but what matters is the coding skills it helps you absorb.


Harvard training site is another top technology training site to hone your tech skills online. It offers courses through many learning content provider including EdX. These courses are diverse and include almost every technology topic available. So Harvard online learning is like acquiring Harvard education without the school fees attached.

Harvard also offers access to programs, course materials, lectures and other training content for free. Its whole purpose is to give a Harvard education to those who want to learn but do not have the opportunity.

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MIT University is the first major university to make its courses available to the general public for free before other colleges and universities began to follow suit. It is a top technology training site because it also offers lecture videos which you can stream online or download to view offline.

It offers presentation slides, homework problems, class notes and syllabus for free. Mit also allows you search by department, topic and more for the tech skill you want to learn. MIT open course ware is a great site to check out if you want to train on new tech skills or work on a certain tech skill.


This site offers free training on a broad range of technology skills. You can only try it out for one month free but afterwards you have to start paying a monthly fee to continue learning on the site.

While it is not completely free, it offers a vast range of technical topics you can check out and get trained on to build up your technical skills.


Learning isn’t necessarily expensive. This is proven by the five top technology training sites listed above which offers lots of courses that can help you build up your tech skills. You need nothing more than an internet to connect and a mobile device or computer.

Whether to upgrade your resume or you just want to keep up with developing technologies. These top technology training sites are prepared to help you out. If you have any question or comment, leave a comment behind and we’ll reach out to you.

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