5 Best Technology Stock Sites

Technology stocks are those stocks that are involved in the invention, growth, and distribution of goods and services in the technology sector. This could include the research, creation, and development of devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets, internet, fiber optics, social media, information technology, biotechnology and so much more.

Technology Stock Sites

It could be relatively hard to find stock news on news blogs because you have to search through the pile of news to get to the desired result. This is why it is great to know the best technology stock sites available so you can get the latest news about your favorite tech stocks on time. Below are five technology stock sites that you could use as a source for stock news.

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Reuters is a news site with a special section for the latest technology news. It is a top market data provider and it covers stock specific news on their website. It allows you to search for specific stock names you are interested in and then provides you with the price quotes and news item about the stock, thereby giving the user a fused view of the searched stock.


This is another top news website that made the list of top technology stock site. Because it comes with a section that is devoted to technology news and development. It also has a search feature that shows you all the available news that is connected to the stock searched for. Bloomberg also list out these news results along with the date it was publicised. This feature is important when weighing up the impact of the news item on the stock performance.


Investopedia is a site that covers news as well. In their market section, they cover news on company stocks. Investopedia even allows you to follow up on preferred stocks by simply adding them to your watchlist. Therefore, if any news pop up about your favorite stocks; you will be duly notified. Investopedia also offers a site where you can take classes on investing. It is an essential database for investors and the fact that you can use stock trading stimulator on the site makes it one of the best technology stock sites.


This is another top technology site where you can keep up with all the latest relevant news about tech stock; it also provides links that directs you to financial bloggers and also tech bloggers. When you click on your preferred stock, it provides you with all the latest news and blog posts related to that particular news just like Bloomberg and Reuters. You can also get choose to get your stock news via topics like cloud, internet mobile, semi conductors and much more.


This technology stock site is well established and effectively covers tech stock news. It also tries to adequately analyze each stock and its progress in the stock market. All kinds of stocks ranging from mobile stocks, biotechnology stocks, internet stocks, software stocks. Their development over the years can be found in this tech stock site.

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Stock trading and good investment making requires wide market research. It is important that you take out a considerable amount of time to keep up with stock news and also market trends. To do this, it becomes imperative that you find the top technology stock sites and follow up on the latest news about your favorite stocks.

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