10 Best Technology Sites in Nigeria

Technology is a popular growing forte that’s beginning to appeal to bloggers in Nigeria; this is because as the world continues to advance technologically, there is need to give recent and latest news in this tech world.

Technology sites in Nigeria are slowly becoming accepted by all because they have become major avenues through which information regarding technology is delivered to Nigeria. This is a great step forward for Nigeria as there is no longer need to go to sites controlled outside the country to get information about technology.

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There is an ever increasing number of technology sites in Nigeria but this article will give you the top 10 technology sites in Nigeria.


Techpoint is one of the best technology sites in Nigeria; it focuses on technology gadgets and issues. Emerging technologies are introduced and showcased in simple layman language. This technology site aims to open your mind to many opportunities and information about how fortune companies control technology and techpoint does all this using a touch of Africanism in a unique way.


As the name implies, Techcabal is a cabal of all things tech related, it definitely makes the list of top technology sites in Nigeria. In fact, some of their articles have been referenced by some world top site like Yahoo, Techcrunch, Google and so much more. It is a go-to site for start-up founders, developers, CEOs and more. It is mostly known for its enthusiastic news on gadgets, tech start-up and it is widely read across Africa.


This technology site is very active on search engines because it mostly known for its information on specs and prices of smartphones and tablets. It gives phone reviews and price comparisons, so if you are searching for phone gadgets information, then naija tech guide is the best site for you. It doesn’t sell products though, it just recommends the best products and guide you in making the best decision when choosing a product..


Ogbongeblog is one of the best sites when it comes to blogging, tutorials and tips. This technology site offers information on technology news and also how to generate money online. It offers you factual guides on how-to’s and technological information on affiliate advertisements. Without much ado, ogbonge blog is the best site for bloggers.


Specpricenigeria is one of the top technology sites that focus on reviews of tech products. It is also a great site for product buyers because it offers you detailed information about tech gadgets including smartphones; it also gives simple telecom hacks. Specpricenigeria possesses unbiased reviews and should check it out if you intend buying a new product for more info.


Naijaquest is one of the top technology sites in Nigeria where you can get the latest tech news, this tech site also offers information on exchange rates which is quite useful information considering the currency fluctuation in Nigeria.


Misstechy was founded by a lady with a love for technology which proves the saying ‘whilst men play the game, women know the score’. She is the first acknowledged female tech blogger and she runs one of the best technology sites in Nigeria. Misstechy focuses on latest technology news, mobile apps, tech reviews, gadget and basically technology in all ramification; it offers crisp and candid reviews about gadget that makes you want to stick around.


This technology site could also be viewed as a smart phone arena for Nigerians. It provides simple reviews that are easy to assimilate; it also offers updates and news about technology. Mobilityarena covers information about apps and smartphones operating systems.


This awesome technology site offers gadget information, technews, tips and web design guides; it also gives information on future trend in technology. They offer practical guide on blogging and gives one of the best reviews on smartphones, it is one of the technology sites in Nigeria because of its practicality and in-depth coverage of everything related to technology.


Geek Nigeria offers information on technology and is run by different authors. It gives detailed phone reviews, tech news and also allows you compare two products from different companies, it gives tech tips and advices. Geek Nigeria basically gives information on all gadgets like mobile devices, play station, headset and so much more.


The saying ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ only goes so far, sometimes the grass on your side is just as green as the other side. Technology sites in Nigeria have really stepped up and are quite amazing; it offers you useful information on all things tech related.

If this article was helpful to you in recognizing the top technology sites in Nigeria or if you have a personal favourite, let us know in the comment session below.

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