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At this time and era where gadgets and apps are developed daily and improved upon, it has become imperative to get the latest news about technology through the internet. So this article aims to provide you with a list of 10 technology news top sites to keep you occupied.

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This website is considered one of the top technology site that offers quality and detailed information about technology news and gadgets. Techcrunch is also one of the best technology media sites that provides information about tech products, gadget reviews, internet portals and so much more. Every piece of information relating to services, tech events, product launches is covered by techcrunch.


This technology site is a world technology news top site. If you are a technology fan, then you must have visited the website once or twice because it is quite popular. Cnet offers the latest technology news and all type of software news. It is a technology site visited by millions of people every day because it offers technology news on products from Apple, Microsoft, Google, Security and more. It also offers videos related to technology news and gadgets.


Wired is a technology site that has become a household name in the tech industry. It offers technology news and also information on how new emerging technologies might affect each and every area of our lives. The site offers an extensive range of news on topics relating to security, gears, transportation and latest news devices. Wired broadly covers technology news and reports on upcoming gadgets.


This technology news top site offers technology news and reports on a daily basis to users. It covers guides on upcoming gadgets and even informs people on the next generation gadgets. This technology news site is packed full with information on apps, software, product launches, games and everything newsworthy in the tech industry. It also advertises the most advanced gadgets by providing their specs and reviews and not to forget, this technology news site covers news on tech evernts.


This technology site is one of the leading sites when it comes to technology news, technology reviews and guides for gadgets, it even offers tutorials relating to gadget. Gizmodo is essentially a site that covers gadget related news because the latest, budding gadgets are introduced to millions of users on a day to day basis. It showcases the latest news for Android, Apple and windows operating system. It also covers gadget launches, so if you are a gadget lover, then this site was made for you.


This technology news top site provides information on devices and the technology behind them, every bit of technology related news can be found on this site, it explains how technology matters most in our lives and it is also awesome because this technology site is multilingual. It helps people make informed tech decision because it gives detailed information about gadgets and upcoming technologies.


Mashable is one of the technology news top sites because it provides information about the latest gadgets, technology news and even offers very helpful guides to its users. There are also tutorial videos and videos which contain technology news, information about apps, design, software and so much more. Mashable is the go-to for the latest news and information related to technological active growth.


This technology news website’s goal is to update and enlighten people about the latest state of the art technology. It provides extensive information about a vast amount of products, it also covers latest news about smartphones, computers, smart home devices, gaming devices and lifestyle products. It offers information of Apple products including its apps and latest information about cars can also be found on the site. In essence, this technology news top site offers tech news to widen your knowledge.


If you are looking for information on lately released smartphones, tablets and computers, then this is the site for you. It also rates devices like phones and tablets so you can know which is better and this rating is unbiased as it is decided after a detailed research on the product, this rating is done so people who are looking to buy a new phone or tablet can view the ratings.

This site also offers tech reviews and latest news about android operating system, latest app and features of the devices. It also provides detailed information about cars and their technology, comparing the technology of different cars so its users can buy suitable cars.


Venturebeat provides detailed information about amazing technologies including the minds and money behind them. It also gives latest news about gaming and tech companies, it reviews latest phones, apps and gadgets from different company. In essence, venturebeat subjects its users to its extensive coverage of the revolution of technology.


Every day, a number of new tech products are released into the market, and so, it becomes important to be updated on the latest tech news so as to get the best out of technology since we live in a fast changing world. This is why this article has offered a list of 10 technology news top site.

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